Inexpensive Home Chastity Belt Projects

Submitted by: Belted

Hi Altairboy:

Yes, It has been awhile since I last wrote. Below are some of rantings of a man that has been locked for the last 17 days. They include a design for a rear locking strap to attach a dildo, and an idea for a shocker unit.

Over the last month or so there has been an increasing number of posts that have delt with a rear strap and butt plug. I dragged out my old order form for Jones and discovered that he wants $80 for one!

I, being the cheap bastard that I am went down to the old meglomart and bought a sheet of aluminum, some aluminum rivits, and a tin snip total $21.59 (plus I will have enough sheet aluminum left over to try a SUDA belt design) on the way home I stopped at an auto supply store and bought door molding strips. It is the same stuff that Jones uses on his belt but is not as tacky, it is smoother harder. Plus it has its own adhesive built into the chanel.

One home I cut 2 stips of the sheet aluminum 1.25"wide by 24"long. I riveted and epoxyed them together and waited a couple of hours. I started at the end that would attach to my front shield and placed 2 rivets there. I then bent the pieces into a slight curve that would fit my body and drilled 2 more holes, but before I fixed those I spread a layer of the epoxy betweet the strips. While the epoxy was still wet I rivetd the two holes shut. I continued to do this all the way to where it would meet the back waist belt. It is important not to rivet and epoxy the stips flat, you should form a U while making it.

The next step was to take the 'ol Dremmel tool and cut a slot in the front part of the strip. Take a look at how the penis tube is attached and that same system is what I used. A big 1/2" hole about 4" from the end and a smaller channel extending to 1/2" the end. The penis tubes front post is what engages the strip and then it is brought up the crack and locked with a small lock with the center D ring. Oh yeah, last step was to put the door edging on, those edges are sharper than hell.

Total price around $25 and with enough aluminum and the snips to try to make a "CB Phile" belt. Total time around 2 hours.

I was also thinking that if you made a longer strap with a slotted portion of a hasp lock riveted at the front end so that it slips over the bottom penis tube post and locks on behind the lower lock it would be possible to permanantly install a dildo to the strap and hold on to the rear D ring lock's key. This way it would be possible to defficate by yourself and the dildo and rear strap could be swung up, out of the way. But the strap with attached dildo would be swinging lose still firmly attached to the front shield and not coming off until given THAT key. The only way to leave the bathroom would be to re-install the plug and relock the back strap.

The next idea concerns the concept of a shocker unit. Using some aluminm tape it is possible to make a device that could administer a corrective shock at the whim of your mistress. I have not yet tried this and make no claims to if it would work in reality. I have used the aluminum tape on my P.E.S. butt plug because the original stuff came off and my repair job makes just as big of sensation as the origninal.

Parts would be a rear strap, a romote control dog traing collar, a solid dildo, and a role of aluminum tape. My idea is to run two stips of the tape starting at the base then up each side of the plug. This will provide the contact points. Next wire the shocker unit to the plug. Build a small housing that could be locked and securely attached to the back strap of the belt. Fin. If mistress becomes displeased with performance/attitude bbbbeezzzzaaaappp!!!! instant corrective measure. This could be worn anywhere and still remain unnoticed, just think about walking in a mall and forgetting that you are not alone and your eyes suddenly track a beautiful young woman, ZAP eyes would be riveted forwards at the ground.

Some of the shocker units I have seen have a mile range and 2 different shock levels. I suppose that it would be possible to also engage the use of a pager to deliver a corrective shock to the subject.


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