Home Built Chastity Cup Device

Submitted by: Anonymous

I am "captivated" by your website; until I had seen it, I had no idea that so many folks were involved in voluntary/involuntary (forced) chastity.

nob80608.jpg I have made a chastity device of my own, using the following:

Using a drill and hand saw, I cut a slit about 2" long and just wide enough for the metal ring near the top of the cup. I drilled a hole 1/2" in diameter in the end of the PVC cap before gluing it to the elbow piece. After gluing, I tightly wrapped black electrical tape around this bent tube. Next, I attached the tube to the inside of the cup with a plastic zip tie, cinching it as tightly as possible. (I had to re-do this after discovering that the locking part should not press on my balls!)

Now, to put it on. First, I squeeze the metal ring around my genitals, so that it is snug against my pubic bone, my cock and balls hanging out in front of it. Using the pantyhose trick, found on your site, I insert my limp penis into the tube, and pull the pantyhose out through the hole in the end. (This would also be the pissing hole, if necessary.) Then, pushing upward on the metal ring from under my balls, I am just able to push it through the slot at the top of the protective cup. The exposed part of the ring is then locked with the small brass padlock, and I am now "chastised."

noa80608.jpg In baggy pants, this setup is not noticeable, but the lock does stick out a bit. Also, I find that I walk bowlegged.

I have now incorporated this chastity device into my self-bondage games, often adding a 1/4' thick steel cable wrapped around my waist, secured by a padlock in back and to the lock on my chastity cup in front. The handcuffs, of course, are secured to the padlock in back.

If my wife should find this device....

Well, at least I can get my rocks off a bit using the massage vibrator (looks like a power sander, but is a very effective sexual toy).

Please do no post my name or address on your site, as I would like to remain anonymous.

Thank you.

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