Experimentations lead to Wonder

Submitted by: Eric

After reading about male chastity belts on the web, looking at the cost, and finally experimenting with making my own "j" tube devices, I'm now wearing one. After several experimentations with different designs, I tried one for a whole day. I had no lock, but only a safety pin incase things didn't work out.

Upon my wife's arrival home, I found out that we were going out that evening to eat and shop. I thought that this would be a good test for my new "lock up". The chastity device really felt weird, and "big" in the sense that every one could tell I was "locked" up. I kept looking down, but decided that it was all in my mind. But I sure knew that the device was there covering up my manhood.

At some point I knew that I would have to tell her about what I was "into". Every opportunity for telling her kept going by and I kept getting more nervous about it. Finally just before we reached home, I said I had something to say. Then there was silence from me and she said, "Well, what do you have to say?" I stammered for a bit and told her that it was kind of weird. She said, "You're weird anyway." That helped me to tell her about chastity belts and that I was trying one that I made.

Now the next hard part was undressing and showing off the new home for her toy. After a little bit of laughter from her and my nervous shaking subsided, I showed her how it locked. I gave her the lock, but kept the key myself; as I wasn't sure if I wanted her to have it, yet. That night was the worst part of being locked up. It felt strange not being able to feel my penis flopping around in bed since I sleep in the nude. Then shortly after we went to bed, I started having erections, just thinking of the device and that I was locked in. Of course the erections hurt since there was no free space to grow to size, which made me more excited and gave me more throbbing erections. A hard-on just kept trying to "pop" up as soon as the one before that subsided. I didn't sleep well that night.

Then I discovered that by my wife just moving in bed and the slight pulling on the sheets, would cause the "five pound" lock to move and hit the tube of my "new home". Actually, the lock wasn't that big, but it just seemed like it.

After a few more adjustments the next day, remember I still have the key, that night my wife said to take it off because she didn't know what happened, but she was so horny and needed me. I was pretty excited too. We had great sex that night and for the rest of the week, even without wearing the device any more as I was still experimenting with design and better comfort.

As I was still trying to get the right size and comfort and wanted to make sure the lock would fit and while trying to push the lock through the holes that I drilled, it accidentally locked. When I told my wife what happened, she just chuckled and said, "Too bad." After a few weeks, I found a design that was bearable to wear and then placed the key on her pillow. She was excited, to say the least.

After wearing another one that I made, I found out that urinating was a little too difficult at times, as the pee would just spray onto my balls, my legs and the floor. This occurred because I had coated the tube with plastic grip and the head of my penis would get "stuck" and not point out the end of the tube. I ended up cleaning my self every time I pissed along with the toilet bowl and the floor. I put up with this for 3 days and finally made another chastity tube without the plastic grip. I also modified the end of the tube with a larger opening, but not enough to allow a hard dick to protrude. When I asked her for the key again, she wanted a good explanation. I had to tell her the truth and she just laughed. I did get the key, but was told this shouldn't happen too often as I'm not to play with myself.

Some other comments from her have made me start wondering if I did the right thing. One time when I needed to make another adjustment, she said, "What if I don't remember where the key is?", but she had it! Another time that I made a comment or asked a question, she just snickered a little and stated that she was in charge of the key and I didn't know where it was. That set me straight in a hurry. Even when we were showering together, and I was washing my balls, she asked if I was playing with her toy or just washing; one sure has to be careful.

Now, I thought, which probably got me into trouble again, we should make a contract so that I could get time out of my lock up. I gave her some ideas as to how I could earn minutes being unlocked. There were some areas of my life that needed improvement; like doing certain things, and getting things done. So she came up with what I had to do to earn my minutes. I was sort of shocked when she showed me the contract and the "few" minutes for each thing. But that was encouragement for me to get those items accomplished. I wanted to be sure of the terms of the contract and asked a few questions about un-locking. For example, "If I earn some minutes, then I can be unlocked when I want." She replied, "I have the key." That answered my question right away.

I'm starting to learn to be careful in what I say and how I treat my wife. I've only earned 41 minutes the first week and now I don't know if they will carry over, be taken away or used for her pleasure. Those precious earned minutes can go fast when I'm un-locked. Sometimes contracts are vague, even if one knows what is being first signed. My future will be exciting and hopefully rewarding. I have to go now and earn some more minutes.

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