PlastiDip Safe for use against Skin

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Hello Altairboy:

I enquired to the makers of PlastiDip about using their product close to the skin, thinking it would be good for numerous applications. First is my question to the manufacturer, and then their reply.


My Question:

Can you tell me if Plasti Dip is suitable for extended continuous contact with skin. I've read the label and it says not to come into contact with skin, but I assume that is while it's still wet. It also says that it is harmful and could cause reproductive defects. Is this too only while wet or also while dry.


Their reply:

Thank you for your e-mail message.

When the PLASTI DIP is completely dry from solvents, it is completely safe for skin contact and is not harmful in any way.

Hospitals are currently using our PLASTI DIP on spoons to feed people with special needs.

If you should have additional questions, please feel free to contact us.


So, there you have it. I thought PlastiDip might be good for use with a Birdcage in lessening the chance that the penis might slip out. Plus it might make the pinches more tolerable. The more times you dip, the thicker the coating gets and the tighter the cage will become. Sounds to me like a great way to size a Birdcage that is a little too big... actually I think I read this somewhere else on this site.

I also thought this might be a good coating for making a homemade birdcage-style device with non-stainless steel which is easier to work with than stainless. It comes in bright colors like red, yellow, blue and not-so-bright colors like grey, white and black.

Feel free to post this anonymously to your outstanding site.

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