Fixing Rubber Edging on Chastity Belts

Submitted by: Bard

Hi, AB,

As you know, I have had a continuing problem with the rubber edging on both the Jones and AD belts. GOOP works for about 2 weeks, then dries out and the edging again becomes loose. It was such a problem, Mrs. Bard could not use these belts for as long as she wanted, and I was continuously regluing the edging, which is sometimes damaged in the process.

I have tried many different types of adhesives, but my search has now ended, I believe. PROBOND is a polyurethane-based adhesive that I think is fairly new. It is marketed by ELMERS industrial division and can be found at Home Depot. I sanded the edge of the shield with fine steel wool and used PROBOND to affix the rubber edging. I allowed it to dry overnight, using clothespins to get a good seal.The edging is as now tight as when I first put the belt on over 2 weeks ago. Daily showers and baths don't seem to effect it at all. I think I would really have to destroy the edging to get it off. I figure if it hasn't come off by now, it never will. I have 46 days to go in my 60-day sentence, so it is indeed a relief not having to worry about the edging coming off at work or some other embarrassing place where the painful pinching is hard to ignore.

If you are having the same problem, give it a try.


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