Tollyboy Belt on a Budget!!!

Submitted by: Doug R.

Hi Altairboy

I decided to try and build the best and most secure belt I could find since I thought the 400+ price tag for a Genuine Tollyboy was a bit much. I decided to find out just how cheaply I could make one myself.

First I had to gather the materials. I found a fabrication company that had some scrap Stainless steel but it was too thin. I then found a company that makes resturant equpment. They had a shelf from a old unit which I bought for 5 dollars.

This gave me enough material for the entire belt front shield and rear shield. I then had to invest in a few tools which I will use on other things, so I don't consider them part of the cost. Right hand Tin snips ( they are rated for 18ga and I was cutting about 12-14ga stock, so the going was a little tough. ) A Dremel tool (How come they don't list Chastity belt's as one of the things it can be used for) and a selection of sand paper (steel) and some Scotch Brite (Synthetic steel wool).

I did have some trouble finding the penis tube stock seems heavy gage 1.5" tube is not that common, so i went back to the restaurant supply house. They had a piece of scrap 5" long which was perfect.

I carefully measured and cut all the pieces. Unfortunately, I had to rivit the waistbelt in the back, as the longest piece of stock I had was only 22". Now, I am in the finishing mode - sanding, sanding, sanding, sanding, polishing, and more sanding. I guess at this point some would ask why didn't I just buy one?

Well to that I would answer: To create your own belt from scratch gives you pride and when you wear something you've created, you remember how much effort you put into it, to get the job done. Plus, there is nothing that pleases the keyholder more then seeing you put so much effort into something for them. (Now if I could find a keyholder I would be all set) **grin**

I will post some pictures and more later as I continue the process.

Take Care, Doug

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