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owned property of mistress Angel`Fox

Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 02/20/98

edri001.jpg As far as I know this fellow is going to make some more belts. he has already been asked to do some for a Toronto fetish shop, I will pass on any requests for now. as he doesn't want to be deluged with people wanting belts. Here is a photograph of me in my belt, which after some adjustments seems to fit fine now. Though I must admit the waist belt is pretty snug, and I find more than a couple days in it uncomfortable. No endurance tests for me yet, that is for sure. Sorry about the quality but I took it with a friends connectix cam and it was a little out of focus... I'm not used to the equippment yet. That's it for now!

Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 02/14/98

Ouch! It turns out the marking under the penis wasn't from any roughness. Looks like it was because of pinching of skin between the outer tube and the inner lining tube. So after some securing and lining the upper and lower entrances with a glue gun to be sure there is no space to pinch skin in..... I'm back in the belt for a third crack at day 1. Today is Valentines day. How fitting. As of yet no problems, but give it a few hours and ya never know. I was a bit worried about the glue from the glue gun reacting, but as it is basically a plastic that heat melts it should be okay. I'll let you know.......

Ottawa, Otario Canada - 02/14/98

You are welcome to save these guestbook entries into a text file for anyone who wants to see this in completion, if indeed this story is ever complete! Well it's day one... AGAIN. Anyone who has been following so far know I took my clone of the bill jones belt to its creator today to be resized. This went off without a problem as far as the resizing goes, but my car did give me a little trouble on the way t the small town near Toronto where the gentleman lives.

After calling mistress and informing her of the problem I managed to get the car going, so continued with the trip. However when I tried to call mistress to let her know THIS my phone card failed, and so I could not call. I tried every which way, but the damn card didn't want to swipe anymore. It was nearly 10:00 when i was back in Ottawa and I was predictably in trouble with mistress upon return for making her needlessly worry.

Now on to the belt. It is A LOT tighter than it was, the waist belt was the only part needing tightening but the chains tightened quite a bit in the process. There is no way I'm going to easily get out of it now, which was the intention all along. An aside here, for anyone who doubts this designs toughness or security, the machine shop the gentleman used to repair the belt in is extensive, I would hazard that between all the drill presses, robot machinery etc there is a couple million dollars of equippment there, but even with this it took an hour almost to get the rivets out of the lock plate.... they are that tough.

Tonight I served mistress orally, as I often do, with the predictable results that I got a hard on. This was hard enough, but the precum that leaks out is especially difficult to clean up..... end result if you are gonna get horny, you are gonna have a slimy mess down there that will require a bath to clean up..... no way around it.. so if wearing one stop looking at the pretty girls! I'm still getting used to the tightness of the belt, and there have been a couple instances my ball sac caught betweeen the metal. Ouch!

Also, anyone who remembers my previous post will note I had some damage to the underside of the penis from the belt being loose and rubbing, and I'll tell you precum in that was hurtful! the salt in it made it sting quite a bit. Still though it was sanded VERY smooth there and I don't think we'll have a repeat of that. As one person noted, when it is properly lubricated it MIGHT be possible to remove the penis from the tube. I don't think so now, but maybe. But certainly there would be no way to put it back.

For those wanting to hear of females in belts there is some news there too. Mistress has a female slave joining the household later this month, after six years of just her and I, and she will likely be belted as well. If she consents then I'll post a pic of BOTH of us when this happens, and you all can take a look.

The matching collars (one for me and one for the female slave) are being made right now. They are nothing short of beutiful, and practical for everyday wear since they are stainless steel and so very durable.

I don't know how long I am to be kept belted before I recieve any relief. Mistress is very angry at me for not calling, and while I was supposed to be allowed some pleasure on valentines day (tommorrow) I don't know now if that will happen. Also the reason I am awake is I am having trouble sleeping, not becauseof nocturnal erections (I havent had a problem with this...YET) but just because I am getting used to it being there on my body.

Anyone thinking of one of these belts really should think carefully, once you are in there is no way out when someone eles has the key. You better be prepared to wear it to work, shower. EVERYTHING.

Well off to bed for this slave... have to buy mistress a new crop for valentines day tommorrow. CYA!

Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 02/12/98

We will be double checking the length of the chains after we adjust the belt width, to make sure it is tight to the groin. And as for the tube, it is angled properly, but I still experienced some injury to the underside. This may be because of the movement of the shield because of the previous looseness, but just to be double sure I will be carefully smoothing that area of the tube just to be extra sure it's baby smooth. I don't want any more problems there!

Tommorrow is Friday and I'll be travelling to Oshawa to have the belt tightened at the waist. Basically we are taking 2 inches off of it, an inch each side of the closure. The chains will still be placed right, and the pins will have fresh metal with no previous holes to attach to, and we have determined that is about the right amount to reduce it by for it to be comfortable but tight enough it will be secure and not ride down over the waist bone like it did before. Also as I mentioned we'll be double checking the chain length so it will be right. I don't want to have to travel 3 hrs again to fix it up. It's a damn good thing we did get it made by our friend, because to send it back to someone like bill jones and have him make repairs would have been costly and taken a long time to complete.

I would definitely recommend this fellow to anyone local wanting such a belt, it is every bit as well made (he has an original bill jones belt and we have put mine and his side by side and I defy anyone to tell the difference in craftsmanship) a lot cheaper, and he being local means that problems like this are more easily fixed. With the canadian dollar right now being about $0.69 us, the cost of a bill jones belt would have been very high. As it is we sort of traded services (I work in leather and he wanted an armbinder).

Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 02/10/98

A quick update.... wore the belt for two days but had a problem with the fit so I am not wearing it now. I had originally thought that it might be that the chains were too long, but on closer examination it turns out the waist portion itself is too big so that it rides down over the hip bone. I'll be driving to the city of the fellow who makes it and fixing that small problem on fri, so I should be back under mistress's control by fri. One other problem I noticed was some scarring on the underside of the penis. As the edge of the tube is smooth I have to think this is likely also because of the poor fit of the belt and thus the penis moving along the edge of the tube. Still something to monitor though, I would not want to have an infection there!

It is certainly helpful having the maker of the belt at least somewhat local (same province) as problems like this are more easily fixed. The belt will actually be quite a bit smaller than it is.. by about two inches. by taking off each side of the front it will be sized right, the placement of the chains in the back will still be alright, and the shield in the right place. I'll be posting a few days after I'm back belted again to let people know how it goes.

I still very much like the jones design, even though i have had a problem or two, but like most folks who have one of these things there is of course a period of adjustments. melding steel and human flesh together into something that is both practical and functional is not the easiest thing to do. Anyone who has questions to ask may feel free to ask them by email, and I will answer the best I can

Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 02/07/98

Previously, I mentioned I was having a william jones type belt made by a kinky friend and today it has arrived.... the fellow making it came down, did the final adjusting for the chains.. and installed it. It took a little bit of bending and adjusting, but now it seems the fit is fine. This belt is every bit as well made and secure as the original, and I'm quite happy with it.

(... I will say it is VERY comfortable, at least at these few early hours... and I hope it continues to be as comfortable as Mistress says it will be a more or less permanent fixture.. no more playing with it for me I guess! The tube is quite tight which leads to the next thing. when I do go to the bathroom some of the pee stays INSIDE the penis. then leaks out a little afterward.. so I'll be leaving a little toilet paper there to sop up anything that leaks out. It is comfortable to walk in (zero chaffing) does put some pressure on the balls and some on the hips (this was lessoned as the waist band was bent more oval than round and is now almost gone, I'm fairly thin). All in all it is a very comfortable, and secure belt that is very well made.

the fellow who made it says the total cost of materials is somewhere around $30 canadaian...... even cheaper than we had preeviously thought. While he is not in the business of making them regualrly, he has indicated there has been some interest and he may well make some more, though of course it is basically a sideline for him and he would have to charge for his time. Still even if he charged $500 candadian for it, considering canada's dollar is at an all time low, that would be a hell of a lot less than what the original william jones belt would cost, and it is every bit as well made.

I like this belt very much, and would recommend this style to anyone considering buying one. I havent encountered any rough spots as yet, or problems, other than the pee thing, but then I've only had it on a few hours. Talk to me in a week or so and it may be different. Anyone wishing to inquire about having one made by the same fellow may route requests through me and I will pass them on, but - no promises as I don't know how many or how often he would be willing to make them.

Also he did a personal fitting for me, but that would likely be impossible if someone was further away than I am from him.

Ottawa, Ontario Canada - 01/03/98

Very impressed with your site....excellence as always. Keep up the good work. As I mentioned to you before I am presently having a jones style belt made by a kinky friend who happens to have the ability to work in stainless, using his own Jones belt as a pattern. Next weekend he will be down here to Ottawa for one final fitting before the chain is put on and the belt complete. I must admit it will be very hard for me to send the belt back to be finished once I have seen it, but it must be finished of course before it will be any good to me or to my mistress who will be the keyholder.

As the maker is a friend he is not charging me for the belt, which I am very grateful for. I certainly couldn't afford to pay for work of his calibre. He is truly a craftsman as the modifications to his own belt more than testify. I will scan a pic of the belt as soon as it is finished to be posted to the website. At the present time this is mainly a hobby for the craftsman.. so unfortunately I can't promise he will make one for anyone else... but only time will tell. He tells me the materials that go into a belt are very minimal. About $50 canadian total. But of course the time invested is the real cost. This is a dream come true.. we have waited for a belt for many years. I'll let you know how it turns out.

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