Joanie's Chastity Sleeve for "hubby"

Submitted by: Joanie

Here is "hubby" all dressed-up in my clever sleeve!

joanie01.jpg "hubby" sports a thick Prince Albert ring, my sleeve goes over it, and my padlock and chain keep it secure. Normally, the chain is attached to a Guiche ring behind his scrotum, keeping his member pointing down and to the rear, all locked-up and totally useless to him except for peeing in the Feminine position.

"hubby" wears my sleeve whenever I allow him out of his chastity belt; he's NEVER totally free. The sleeve allows me to monitor his condition, and it automatically squeezes and pinches him back to the flaccid, "proper" state.

"hubby" drools his clear-goo for me when I tease him: after a few hours of my teasing, he's kneeling at my knee, submissively begging for my Magic Key. Sometimes I allow the key, sometimes it's right-back into my chastity belt: It depends on how well behaved and amusing he's been while sleeved and partially "freed".

I keep him "proper", believe me.

JOANIE (and "hubby"!)

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