Plastic PVC Chastity Cage

Submitted by: Ray

Dear Altairboy

I saw you put my previous note regarding home made CB's on your site. This can be posted as an update if you wish.

After discussing the use of one of the plastic CB's with my SO we agreed to try the PVC cage for a short while - a few days - no rules laid down and basically to stop my masterbation.

On Monday 2/2/98 at 13h30 I put on the PVC cage design and handed my SO the keys. The first few hours of wearing it without the keys in my possession for the first time was difficult to imagine. I had about eight attempted hard ons within the first hour. There is only about 0.5 inch space for expansion in front and about 0.25 inch around the penis in the tube. Because if this any attempted expansion of the penis is very difficult and quite painful.

By Monday night I was ready to be let out. My SO asked me how the cage felt. I said ok, there was no discomfort and I could hardly feel it when in a flaccid state. Good she said and promtly turned over and went to sleep. That night I hardly slept. Lying next to her in the bed getting incredibly horny and sore with each sexual thought resulting in an attempted hard on !

The next morning I never said too much but that I was Horny. Good she said and nothing else. Well I then washed, dried and got dressed for work. No more was discussed. This ritual continued until 05h45 Friday morning - some 88.25 Hours later at which time we had some amazing sex. No sooner was it over though 07h00 the cage went back on.

By 22h00 that night though I had realised that I never dried my member properly and the cage came off for inspection and cleaning. The cage was modified to incorporate holes drilled around the tube to allow for air, drying, and keeping cooler. It never went on again that night and I actually had a good nights sleep again for the first time in nearly a week.

By 07h00 Saturday morning the cage was back on, and only came off again at 16h45 Sunday afternoon when we had some incredible sex again. It never went on again that day.

On Monday morning at 06h45 it went back on thereby starting a new week. The result was that in 157.25 hours I spent 137.00 hours belted - or 87% of the time. The only time I was not belted was when I was with my and SO so could not do anything anyway.

During the first week I was due to go for an insurance medical that would have meant being out of the cage and free for a whole day. Although my SO and I work together she had other appointments that day and so would have had to trust me not to satisfy myself. This my SO was not happy about and we agreed to reschedule the medical until the next week when she could come with me.

I think she is eventually seeing the benefits of keeping me under control without having to worry whether I had been a good boy or not.

This was only meant to be a trial to see if it could help stop me masterbating and whether she was happy with the situation as she did not like the concept at first and still dislikes the look of any of the CB's. As I sit here though at 14h00 Wednesday afternoon I have been belted this week again for 55.25 hours continuously since Monday, and I think my only reprieve will be for a couple of hours for the medical tomorrow morning.


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