Use of Various Home Built CB's

Submitted by: Ray

Dear Altairboy

I discovered the CB site by accident in October 97. I was very intrigued by the whole concept of not being in control of my sexual gratification. I read as much as I could before approaching my wife about CB's. She was quite horrified the first time I mentioned it and could not understand why I would be interested in wearing such a thing. I nearly convinced her to measure me up when we decided the way to go would be to try out a home made version first before spending too much on something that may not be suitable.

During these discussions with her I confessed to her that I regularly masterbated. She was very upset with me and asked why I could not just stop. I explained that a long entrenched habit was hard to break, but she still does not understand. I am convinced that the reason more males wear CB's is because more males masterbate than females. Be that as it may I went ahead and made the first home made CB.

For ease of use and after reading your site I decided to make a Tollboy design in plastic. I used a bucket cut to various shapes and sizes and a rubber pipe for my penis tube, glue and small plastic nuts and bolts cut to size and glued closed. This design I found comfortable while standing but not while sitting due to the pushing up of the belt and the penis tube from sitting pressure. Also the penis extends beyond the end of the tube and as such catches on the front shield. This was very sore and chafed. The result was that I could not use this CB for more than about 3 hours at a time.

I then decided to try out the Goethals design also using plastic and a curved rubber tube. This one I found to chafe even more because of the constant movement of the tube on the ball sac while walking. The result being that I cant wear it for more than about 3 hours either.

I then modified the Goethals design to have a rear shield which ran all the way through to the front locking mechanism but under the penis tube with a hole for the good old no2. This I must say was much more comfortable, tighter and more secure than the previous designs, except that when sitting the pressure on the penis tube is very uncomfortable. If I could solve this problem I think it would be the best and most secure design.

I then saw the birdcage and decided to try that out. Also using plastic I found this to be very comfortable except that it caused the penis to stick out quite a bit in front when wearing pants, especially when slightly aroused.

I decided to make a cage with PVC pipe cut slightly shorter and glued closed at the end in a cage style leaving plenty of space for urine to pass, with a smaller diameter insert at the penis base to stop pulling out. This is by far the most comfortable design so far and the longest I have worn it has been 25 hours with hardly no discomfort at all. In tighter clothes such as jeans however it causes the penis to run down one of the leg sides, which is not too great but in loose pants it is very comfortable especially in the flaccid state. This design I think can be improved marginally by slightly bending the penis tube. This I will be doing shortly and keeping you posted.

In all the above cases a brass padlock is used to secure the CB. I also thought it would be a good idea to use plastic or PVC as I travel by air quite a lot and if I am to be a "good boy" this is the time the belts would be needed the most, and I do not wish to be hampered by airport security.

I saw the plastic crotch guard design on the net and briefly tried that too. This I think could still work but I have not had enough time to experiment with it.

When I have perfected the right one I believe that it may become a permanent feature of my life, depending on if my wife decides to institute her "keyholder" privelages.

I hope this can help some would be CB wannabies, if you post it on the site.


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