First Experiences With Home Built CBelt

Submitteded by: C. Belted

Greetings Altairboy;

I am new to chastity belts so I do not have stores about being locked in one for weeks and months at a time.

In fact I only found your web site about two months ago but have been visiting ever since. I had read about Tollyboy cbelts and was looking for them on the web when I found your site. I must say that it is by far my favorite place to visit. Reading the postings got me thinking seriously about buying a cbelt. However, the 2-6 month wait for delivery just seemed to long to wait before experiencing being belted. After reading yours and CB Phile's postings on homemade belts I decided to give that a try.

I experimented with PVC pipe fittings (45 deg elbow) and chain to construct my first belt. It was functional but not very comfortable. My next try used the J tube (drain trap)plumbing fitting. It was a bit more comfortable but not good enough for more than a few hours. My third attempt was much better. This belt uses a, 1 & 1/2 inch dia plastic J tube, a chain worn low on the waist, and two chains from the lower end of the J tube to either side of the waist chain behind the back. The chains are run through plastic tubing. The waist chain locks in front. A short chain runs from the lock to the top of the J tube (essentially from my belly button to the tube). The chains are secured to the tube with self locking nylon cable ties (zip ties).

I have worn the belt numerous times but not for more than 7 continuous hours. Last week I knew I had to go in and work some on Saturday so I left the key in my desk at work on Friday. Saturday morning I locked myself in the belt. No way out unless I went to work to get the key. I went in and worked half a day ... wearing the belt. An interesting experience. Especially when one of the cuter typists who had come in to work a few hours stopped by. I'd swear she looked even more attractive than usual.

Today I plan to lock the belt on and wear it till mid-morning tomorrow. This will be the longest time for me yet, about 18 hours. I was not sure that I wouldn't take the belt off in the middle of the night (like I have done on my previous attempts at wearing it overnight) so I left the key at the house of a friend who is out of town for the weekend. I will have to wait till the morning to go over and get the belt key without attracting undue attention from the neighbors ... or police! I will let you know how the experience is.

I have also modified the second belt I made. When I bought the J tube I bought the kit that included the "tail piece" and compression nut and washer. The tail piece slips into the J tube and the nut and washer clamp down to give a water tight seal. I decided to see what I could do with the tail piece. With the tail piece slipped into the open end of the J tube it could be pulled back between the legs and snuggled up between the hips. I realized that urine wouldn't leak out of the joint since the tail piece makes a water tight seal with the J tube. So now if I urinate while wearing the belt I end up with a tube full of urine. One last change was to secure the free end of the tail piece to the middle of the waist belt (in back). With this belt locked on with the penis in the J tube, the tail piece in the other end of the J tube and pulled up snugly between the hips you can urinate but its very difficult to empty the tube; you have to bend over backwards. When wearing this belt you are faced with an interesting choice; you can urinate and have to walk around with a tube full of warm fragrant (?) fluid sloshing with each step, or you can "hold it in" and be fairly uncomfortable (if you can hold it).

Keep up the good work.

C. Belted

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