Tom's Home Made Chastity Project

Submitted by: Tom


Well, I started construction on my home made chastity belt. I was thinking of ordering a belgian belt, even if the price was high and delays were long. But then I read about a few complaints and hints of doubts of delivery. Then I read CB Phile's description of his home made belt and thought - I can make that.

So it is part way completed. I've not decided if I like the handcuff part of the design - make the belt less comfortable. But then, the most common use will probably be in games with my girlfriend and the restrictive sort of discomfort may not be so bad. I am however trying to design out the chaifing sort of discomfort. I've only built the front part of the belt and am wearing that held on with chains and can tell that there are certain parts of the belt which will have to be padded more.

Thanks again for your website. I'll send more information when the belt is further along.


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