A Letter from Joanie

The reason I'm writing all this is because "hubby" and I are CB experimenters- we started about 18 years ago with homemade belts, and have improved them throughout the years with better and better designs.

This is the third time I've started to write you about us, each previous attempt I lost my nerve!

I'd like to Email you a story or two, which might help to round-out your Female section.

We've both worn belts, but "hubby" does the wearing anymore. It seems I've become more or less the Dom.

Our latest (and probably last) design is all plastic/nylon. Not a single piece of metal. Very successful in control, and tamper-proof. I participated 100% in our last three designs, each one improving the previous. I found materials and components, "hubby" did the actual construction. We have made two; one to be worn, one kept washed and clean in reserve at all times- I feel long-duration sessions are required.

Our design is very similar to the Walter Goethals "Gord" style, but we honestly arrived at this quite independently! It's somewhat like the CB Phile's and Mike's homemade designs. Cost is under $30.00 per CB, and can be built in about a week with hand tools & an electric drill.

"hubby" sports his almost continually, and it is a comfortable and kind supervisor. he is totally regulated, and he receives gentle yet firm correction every time he gets his "ideas". he tolerates wearing the CB extremely well. We designed this one for comfort: long-duration wear being the goal. It only becomes stern when it is required to admonish male urges. Then, it really does its' job! he has never had an accidental discharge when "fixed" in the belt. he gets his little fun only when I allow an "airing": I have developed special procedures for earning this privilege, and a strict protocol to be followed during the privilege as well. I can elaborate if you'd like.

I've kept "hubby" belted almost continually for over eight months now. I inspect him and the CB daily,after showering, and there's no chafing or damage to him.

We'd love to send you drawings/pics to accompany this, but cannot at this time. We're thinking about a flatbed scanner, but that's "down the road apiece"...

Email when you find the time, let us know if you'd like reports/stories/construction details. Whatever. Please respect our privacy. We're not into any "scenes", clubs, or such. We arrived at our present arrangement strictly on our own. A private couple, doing our own thing.

"Bye!" for now,


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