My Composite Chastity Belt vs Jones

Submitted by: Belted

I figure that I have been reading and lurking far too long and besides I have just created a new chastity belt that some of you might be interested in also making. But first a little about me and my belts.

About mid 1993 my then fiance and I purchased a Bill Jones belt. This was done for the bondage side of our relationship. Since that time I have been belted on and off. My longest time was 7 days (I know - no record there), but my wife is too good to me if she sees me flinch in pain or a small red mark on my waist she will feel sorry for me and release me. Much to my wishes and once out I am sorry that it only lasted a few days or what ever. The one modification that I did to the belt was to buy Dr. Scholls foot foam. It is in the foot care section and is a really dense white foam about 2mm thick and has an incredible sticky backing to it which i used to line the inner surface of the waistband.

The reason for wanting to make a belt are two fold. First the width of the front shield is slightly too wide and tends to chafe the inside of my inner thighs. Also the Jones belt is impossible to ride a bike (bicycle) while wearing. So my thoughts were to make a belt that was narrower and enabled me to bike. I am attending grad school at this time and parking costs too much on campus so I park about 3 miles off campus and bike to campus but alas I digress and none of you all care a whit about my grad school woes. Anyway I chose to use the basic design that CB Phile came up with but I took it 2 steps forward. His design really is novel in its simplicity and security not to mention readily available materials.

front view side view rear, low view occupied view

The front shield is 2 ply plastic (I bought a 18 gal utility bucket) the tube is a J-bend pvc plastic pipe. And here is one addition step I used 2 strips of plastic from the bucket to make a waist band similar to Walter's and also the anal strap is also of Walters design. Really the whole damn thing is a Plastic version of the Walter! (the way I figure it from a security stand point any bloke with a Dremmel tool can cut any steel belt in about 5 minutes. I once had to cut off a hardened steel Krypto U lock off my already mentioned bike Total time was about 6 minutes) To connect the two waist bands in front I used nylon bolts 2 one on each side and after a trial version I epoxied them in place.

The front shield has the 2 posts which the hip straps pass over then i use my 2 locks from my Jones belt to lock over the nylon studs which has a hole drilled in it to allow the lock's center post to enter and then the shackle locks closed. Pretty simple and very effective. The lock will not come off the post and the hip strap is under the lock. The reason for using nylon bolts were to make the belt metal detector proof. If one replaced the brass locks with some plastic security tags the whole belt only has 10 small aluminum rivets. Which after careful consideration could be replaced by these same nylon nut and bolts and then epoxied or melted to form a permanent bond. I used a bent piece of plastic to help connect the J-tube to the front shield. Total investment follows... Bucket price = $4.50 J-pipe = $3.50 rivets =$4.00 Total=$12.00 Time=10 hrs.

PS I used a Dremmel tool to cut the plastic and shape it to the angles I needed. I also took a suggestion from another writer on these pages and used cardboard to lay out the correct hip angles and the front piece.

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