Mike's home built chastity belt

I was looking at some of the new home built CBelts at Altairboy. The concept seemed worth a try, as I am fairly handy with small project fabrication. My first attempt was the $5.00 PVC belt (with improvements) that someone had suggested. I used clear Tygon tubing to cover the chain, and pop rivits instead of screws. I also had a link chain to tighten the device about 4 inches above the PVC tube (required to get the chain above the hips). The bottom of the tube was attached to the back of the belt, where it was attached by padlock to the chains of the belly belt. After about a week of experience with this design (while sleeping, the intent being to stop late night masterbation due to a sexually dead spouse)

I found that this basic design had a few flaws. First, any CBelt should run two chains through the legs around the buttocks, instead of up the butt crack. This design change eliminates the padlock in the back and distributes the weight more evenly along the belt. Comfort is much improved as well as ease of use. The second and most major flaw was the locking system, there should only be one key or lock and it should be in the front. I went back to the drawing board and took a look at the PVC unit one of your readers (CB Phile) invented with the front shield made from laminated rubbermaid rubber.

The second attempt at a viable cheap CBelt is far more successfull. The major difference is the front shield. I used 2 layers of rubbermaid rubber laminated with contact cement and shaped and reinforced with about a dozen pop rivets for strength. The shield comes up about 6 inches from the PVC penis tube and as you would expect is basically triangular. Once the shield was built I used contact cement to attach a thick closed cell foam. Aside from alot of comfort, It also adds a great deal to security. Tygon tube coated chain is used for the belly chain as well as for the two chains between the legs. I used a lighter chain and a bit smaller diameter tubing for leg chains. A lock and hasp on each end of the belly chain attach to their counterpart riveted to the front shield, so that both locks (keyed alike) are about an inch from each other under the belly button. Easy to put on, clean, comfortable, and to my occasional dismay very secure.

Attached is a general contract I have worked out in what will probably be a fruitless attempt to get my wife out of her sexual grave and into the game of life. I made it as generic as possible in the hopes that even if I can't use it, someone else can.

My next project will be a female belt. Actually a far simpler task. My wife won't be the model (any CBelt requires hips and hers are long since gone). The intent will be to eliminate any interference with waste removal while comfortably protecting just the required asset.


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