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Submitted by: MT

The design is very similar to the female plexiglas chastity belt on your website, but of course, instead of a flat (or slightly curved) piece designed for a woman, I have an exact replica of my penis and scrotum.

occupied belt

To me the concept is obvious, but this is part of what I do for a living, so excuse me if I am unclear.

First, you make a direct plaster cast of yourself from below navel to just short of anus(shaving helps) you then have a "female" or reverse mold of yourself.

Second, you make a "male" mold by simply pour a mold compound into the first "female" mold, and in about 30 minutes - voila! - a copy of yourself in 3D. Now you have a mold that can be modified by sanding or adding material as required. The plaster mold is rarely perfect, but the human body has no sharp angles or gaping holes, so modifications are obvious.

From THIS mold (the third and final product), I thermoform a 1/4 inch clear plastic "female" replica of your body. And if you are unclear on what thermoforming is, I heat plastic in a large oven to a very flexible state. I then place the plastic around the second, "male", mold and apply a vacuum pressure from under the mold. This causes the plastic to collaspe into the exact shape (reversed) of the "male" mold.

Your genitalia fit quite nicely into it, and when tightly strapped on it is very secure. I added a bit of foam padding to prevent the edges from cutting into the tendons in my legs, and since it is a high friction material, this aids in preventing the penis from being pulled out. If I tore out the foam padding, I could possibly(?) get my penis out, but there is no way I could get it back in, In my experimentation, I was able to remove my penis, so I heated the plastic and bent it back about 1 ", and tightned the belts, and added the padding.

So now I'm afraid to try. Even before those modifications, I could not get my penis back in properly, so peeing was a *very* wet experiance. By the way, you have to heat the plastic to some 300 degrees farenheit before it is flexible, so you cannot change the shape while wearing it, unless you are crazy and an extreme masochist.

side view

It is a little like an athletic cup, but of course it is not a one size fits all. :)

As for being able to get through airport security, that was on my mind as well. There are a few metal pieces, 7 or 8 rivets, a brass lock, and a brass hasp. Wether or not these would set off airport security devices, I don't know. I will probably put the same amount in my pocket and try it. It is possible that I could find some plastic rivets, but the lock has me stumped.

As far as a picture, at this time I have no way of scanning one. The basic shape is:

            \   /   5 inches wide approximately
             | |    2.75 inches wide
             | |
              *     2.75 inches wide at this point

At the Star is the replica of my penis and scrotum, it is 2.75 inches wide at that point. The plastic extends up and flares at the top where the waist strap is attached. Below the star, the device narrows to about one inch wide, sorry, can't measure it at the moment, some contortions are too much :). It extends to about one inch from my anus, and both ass straps are attached at this point. These straps go up to attach to the waist band. of course, from the side, the entire device is curved. Something like the letter J with a slightly curved downstroke.

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