My Chastity Belt Project - Part 1

Submitted by: Alex

I was fascinated with the concept of the Tollyboy belt, so after thinking about it for a few weeks, I went ahead and made one in my garage. I used stainless steel for the waist belt and front plate. I used the tube idea, purchasing a chrome plated brass plumbing "downtube" 1 1/2" diameter, and riveting a "crumb cup" in the end to close it.

I got some of that black neoprene floor matting material for a liner. The chrome plated steel chains were a problem, when one rubbed on a sore spot which bled on the chain and made it corrode. The corrosion irritated the skin and I had an alergic reaction: the skin turned a nasty white in a 1" circle. I had to disassemble the belt and put 1/2" ID clear plastic tubing over the chains. No problems now.

The two padlocks use a the same key pair, which my wife holds. All the D rings I used were silver soldered before attaching them to the stainless belt with chromed steel rivets. I am truly secured. So far, my wife has released me after I've spent no more than twelve hours in the belt, but this weekend she says I will be in it from Friday evening until Monday morning. I guess I will find out what's it like starting tomorrow.

Thanks for a great web page! It's quite an information resource.


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