A Cock for Kali

By Lady*Beclan

Subject:      STORY: A Cock for Kali (FM, bd, Fdom, cbt)
From:         AnonEMoose 
Date:         November 6, 1996

     Chastity Harsh glared at the graffiti scrawled in lipstick across
the white tiles in the bathroom of Yokum Hall: "kevin dicks raped Me!
Stay away from him!"  Professor Harsh flipped open Her notepad and
added his name to the list of six others whose names She'd gotten from
Female restrooms around campus.  One of the men, charlie post, had
three checks beside his, plus the initials "KTB."

     Back in Her office Chastity typed dick's name and address into
Her TEETH file.  he was one of four who lived off-campus.  After
logging it in, Chastity stared at the monitor.  She could almost hear
those bastards bragging to their buddies about "getting away with it."
Her jaw tight with anger, She punched up the information She had on
the student, charlie post.

     AGE: 21
     DEGREE PROGRAM: Business Administration
     OFF-CAMPUS ADDRESS: 33 Couch Street

     "Perfect address for a prick like that," She muttered.  Then
Professor Harsh cleared the screen and started to type:



     Chastity's long smooth lips curled in a smile, enhancing Her
high, aristocratic cheekbones.  She knew that a prick like charlie
post would go crazy, because at the Goddess Garden Retreat only the
Women are allowed to cum inside the mouths of the men who don't get to
cum at all!

     Ms. Harsh spent the next few days trying to find out which of Her
Female students knew this charming rapist, charlie post or, at least,
knew OF him, because the first step toward getting the "Kali's Teeth
Bracelet" on his cock was to find out which bar he hung out at the
most.  Now Professor Harsh wasn't one for taking in the downtown bar
scene, but it needed to be done in order to further the goal of the
DAUGHTERS OF THE GODDESS TEETH, which was to "tag" all males who
didn't know how to control their cocks.  That was the first step, of
course.  In time, all adult males would wear the Kali's Teeth Bracelet
as a, kind of, "wedding band."  In other words, no single men would be
left.  ALL men would belong to one Woman or Another.  There would be
no "loose cannons" for Women to worry about.

     By Friday Chastity Harsh had found out the name of the bar --
"Peabody's."  It wasn't the usual college hangout.  In fact, Chastity
and another Woman in Her department had lunch there once.  Most of the
other customers were business men and Women.  She guessed that the
Friday night crowd, however, would be a lot different.

     Around ten Professor Harsh entered the bar with Carla, one of Her
students Who knew charlie.  Chastity had told Carla to introduce them
and then to leave.  All Chastity had said to the young Woman was that
after tonight, charlie would not be able to bother ANYBODY.

     The moment charlie's eyes met Hers, Chastity knew She had him.
It was as if Carla didn't even exist.

     "This is my teacher, Professor Harsh.  She says She wants to meet

     "Oh, yeah?"  charlie replied, leeringly, as he glanced down at
Chastity's 38 D-cups swelling beneath Her blouse.  She had unbuttoned
it just enough to let him be able to get a teasing glimpse of the
cleft between Her breasts.

     "Thank-you, Carla," said Chastity.

     After Carla left, charlie said, his tone somewhat suspicious, "So
what's this all about?"

     Chastity raised Her eyebrows but said nothing.

     "I mean, why ya wanna meet ME?"

     "If you can pull yourself away from your buddies for a while,
I'll tell you."

     The other guys let out a long "Wuuuuuuuu!"

     "Yeah, let's get away from these jerks and go someplace else,"
said charlie.

     When they got outside, charlie began to suggest another bar, but
Chastity cut him off with, "I'd rather go to My place if you don't

     She smiled as his mouth dropped open just like a nutcracker

     "Do you have a car?" She asked.

     "N-no," he muttered.

     "Good.  Then we'll take mine."

     As they walked to the city parking lot, Professor Harsh could
sense a slight shift in the balance of power between them.  The young
man, She could tell, wasn't used to dealing with assertive Women.  And
the fact that She was a Professor and more than ten years older than
him, gave Chastity even MORE of an advantage.

     "Did... did Carla say something about me?" he finally asked, as
Chastity was unlocking the door to Her red Camaro.

     "Yes," She said, sending hem a piercing look.  Then She just
stared at him a few moments, relishing his obvious discomfort at not
knowing what Carla had said.  With a slight smile, now, Chastity
added, "She said you're a man who knows what he wants.  And that's the
kind of man I like."  charlie's expression changed.  his lips curved
into an easy, self satisfied grin.

     "You've been playing around with little Girls Who don't know what
they want," Chastity continued.  She paused and smiled.  "I DO know
what I want."

     Driving to Her apartment, Chastity icily stared straight ahead.

     "So you're a prof, huh?"


     "Coulda fooled ME."

     Chastity smiled.  The extra attention She had given to that sexy,
vampish act had paid off.

     Inside Her apartment, now, Chastity asked him what he wanted to

     "Got any beer?"

     "No.  How about some brandy?"

     "Great," charlie replied with a kind of growl.

     Professor Harsh returned with the drinks.

     "Cool glasses," he said as he took one."

     "They're called brandy goblets," She replied.  "They trap the

     They sat together on a thick-cushioned sofa, the upholstery of
which was a jungle of gaudy plants and flowers.

     You're a very popular fellow," She said before taking a sip.
"Your name's on all the bathroom walls."  She paused.  "Girl's rooms,
I mean."

     charlie stared at Her, not moving.

     "I didn't do nothing to Carla," he finally said, his tone

     "No one said you did."

     "I didn't do nothing to anybody, if that's what you wanna know.
They they just...you know..."

     "Are confused little Girls," Chastity cut in before he could find
the right words to finish.

     "Yeah, yeah, you're right.  They don't know what they want."

     "And you do."

     " Well....yeah," he said, somewhat smugly, and took another sip.
     Chastity laughed softly in Her throat and thought, "Well so do

     "Anyway," She began, "let me set up some ground rules.  If you
ever want to see me again, you don't talk about this.  To ANYBODY.  Is
that clear?"

     "Yeah, but what if...?"

     "I said to NO ONE.  And that includes your buddies.  If I ever
find out that you told someone, I'll just deny it.  Then I'll make you
wish you never had.  Are we clear on that, charlie?"

     "Clear as a bell," he replied with a grin.

     "Good, now... tell Me," she continued.  "Have you ever done
anything ... kinky?"

      The young stud grinned and let out a giggle.

     "Like... like what?"

     "Like tying-up-to-the-bed games," said Chastity.

     "You IN to that stuff?"

     "My, My," said Chastity, "I didn't know I had brought home such a

     "Hey, I didn't say I wouldn't play!" he said, indignantly.

     Well, that's good.  For a moment, there, I thought I'd picked the
wrong man," Chastity said with a sly smile.

     "So ya want me to tie ya up, is that it?" he said with a gleam in
his eye.

     She laughed softly.

     "you have it backwards," She said.  "I tie you up first."

     Chastity sipped Her brandy.

     "Unless, of course, you don't WANT to play."

     charlie rolled his tongue around inside his mouth, then he belted
down the rest of his brandy.

     "So...so what happens when I'm all tied up? he asked.

     "I tease you until you're all hot and bothered," She said.  "Then
I let you tie ME up."

     "Y-you'd let me do that?"

     "you're letting me do it to YOU," she replied.  "Aren't you?"
     charlie smiled at Her for a few seconds.  Then, taking a deep
breath, he said, "Okay, I'm game.  But you promise you'll let me tie
YOU up, right?"

     "Of course."

     "By the way," said charlie, "I didn't get your first name."

     "My name is Mizz Harsh."

     "Okaaaay... MIZZZZ Harsh," he replied with drenching sarcasm.

     "boy are you going to get yours," She thought, smiling at him.

     Professor Harsh had a perfect bed for spread-eagling someone --
a solid four-poster oak.  After telling charlie to strip naked and lie
with his arms and legs pointed toward the posts, Professor Harsh took
four large black scarves out of Her top dresser drawer.  As She did,
She glanced at the jewelry box on top.  Inside was Her little
"surprise." She wanted to use scarves because they would hold him down
quite well, but not harm the wood finish.  First Chastity tied his
wrists, then his ankles.  The only article of clothing SHE had taken
off, however, were Her shoes.

     When the final knot had been made, Professor Harsh stepped to the
head of the bed, put Her hands on Her hips, and said, "Now try to get

     charlie tugged lamely on the scarves.

     "Come on, charlie, you can do better than that," She teasingly

     "You just wanna watch me struggle, right?" he said jokingly.

     "Of course," she said.  "But I also want to make sure you can't
get loose before I'm done with you."

     "See?" he said, smiling and tugging.  "I can't."

     "Good.  Now we can begin."

     For the next forty minutes Chastity Harsh stroked and tickled
every part of charlie except his intensely erect penis, using, first,
Her fingers, and, then, a large feather.  At one point, She even
blindfolded him, which really drove charlie CRAZY because he didn't
know when or where She was going to tickle or touch him.

     While tickling the insides of his thighs with the feather,
Chastity said, "Do you like Me to tease you like this, charlie?"

     "Oh! Yes!" he gasped, the blindfold still on.  "But-but what
about my cock? Please!... Please touch it!"

     "Oh, I WILL," She replied.  "Don't worry."

     Chastity had stimulated the young stud so much that beads of
sweat dotted his naked, almost constantly squirming, body.
     Then She stopped.

     "Well," She said, "I think I'll let you cool off a bit."

     "Wha?" he said, breathing hard.

     "you need to calm down.  I don't want you breaking any blood

     "But...but I'm..."

     "Too hot," Chastity cut in.  "I don't want your cock to cum too
soon.  I want you to save it for ME."  And She watched charlie's lips
curve into a wide grin.  Then Chastity just stood there for a moment
or two, watching his sweaty chest rise and fall and smiling over what
She was about to do to him once his penis had become flaccid again --
IF it became flaccid, that is.  charlie moaned every now and then and
moved his pelvis, as if he were trying to screw thin air.

     "This won't do," She thought.

     "I'm leaving the room, charlie," she said.  "When I come back, I
want your cock to be soft, or I won't untie you."

     charlie let out a kind of laugh mixed with a gasp.

     "That's part of your game, too?"

     "Yes," She replied, "It is."

     In the bathroom, Chastity stood before the full length mirror,
admiring Her choice of sexy lingerie with which to tease the, now
horny, young buck.  the "Frederick's of Hollywood" catalog called it
"LACE ALLURE: Alluring swirls charm the footed stretch lace cat-suit,
with low scooped front and back, plus convenience crotch."  Which was
another way of saying that Chastity would make him "eat Her pussy"
while She wore it.
 Chastity smiled as She speculated on what might be going through
charlie's mind right now, lying there all tied up, and wondering when
She might return.  Chastity knew that the longer She stayed away, the
more anxious he would become.  But that wa the whole point.  to make
him feel just like the young Women did before he forced himself on

     Chastity slipped on Her black four-inch high spiked heels and
returned to the bedroom.  The first place Her eyes fell was on
charlie's penis.  It was limp and lying against his thigh like a
harmless turkey neck.

     he's ready for "dick-banding," she thought.

     Professor Harsh tip-toed to Her dresser and opened the small
jewelry box.  There lay "Kali's Teeth!"

     "Mizz...Mizz Harsh?" he said suddenly.

     "Be patient, charlie," She replied.  "I'll be there in a minute."


     She detected a tiny note of concern in his voice, and it pleased

     Holding the opened bracelet, with its inner row of sharp teeth,
Chastity walked to the side of the bed, leaned over, carefully took
the head of charlie's cock with one hand, stretched it, and with Her
other hand, clicked the metal bracelet on just under the rim of his

     "Hey, whattaya doin'?" charlie cried, startled and confused.

     "Something that should have been done and long time ago."

     "What's...  what's goin' on?  Wudja put on my cock?"

     Chastity pulled off his blindfold.

     "See for yourself," She said.

     The young man blinked his eyes hard several times, trying to
clear his vision.  charlie lifted his head and looked at the metal
band around his still-flaccid penis, his face screwed up in confusion.

     "Wudja pu THAT on for?" he asked.

     "you mean my cat-suit?"

     "No, no I..." But charlie's words stopped dead in their tracks
the second he raised his eyes and saw what Chastity had on.  his mouth
dropped open again.  It sparked an amusing image in Chastity's mind,
that is, of seeing it stuffed with a bright blue rubber ball.

     "What's wrong, charlie?  Cat got your tongue?"

     "Wha?  Oh... oh my god," he muttered, his voice dripping with

     "I think it's about time, now, for you to pleasure ME," She said,
Her tone haughty, "with your MOUTH."


     When Chastity climbed off charlie's face after She had cum, She
noticed that his eyes were red and teary.  Whether over pain or
humiliation, Chastity wasn't sure.  She WAS sure, however, that he had
gotten an erection -- several, in fact -- because of the muffled cries
he made while his face was smothered between Her thighs.  It pleased
Her that he wasn't able to control them yet.  But it pleased Her even
more that, in order to avoid the pain of the "Kali's Teeth Bracelet,"
charlie would HAVE to learn to control them.

     "Well, charlie," said Professor Harsh, standing with Her hands on
Her hips beside the bed, "you no know how the bracelet works."

     "Please take it off," the young man sputtered, his former
cockiness totally gone. "Please!"

     "Reduced to begging are we?" She said, with triumphal sarcasm.


     "Why?" Chastity cut in.  "Because you don't know how to USE it
properly.  So we're not going to let you use it at all," She said.


     "you can't ejaculate with the bracelet on."

     charlie post could not reply to such an outrageous statement.  he
just lay there, staring at Her in disbelief.

     "Erections won't be much fun either," Professor Harsh continued.
"you'll have to learn to control them."

     Her last words seemed to do the trick.  his jaw tightened and he
gave a violent jerk at the scarves.

     "Untie me!" he yelled.

     "Is that an ORDER?"

     he paused.


     She smiled.  "That's better.  But before I do, I want to warn
you.  If you so much as even TRY to touch Me, I'll go for your crotch.
And I don't think you want Me to do that, now do you?"

     charlie just shook his head.

     Chastity talked while She undid the knots.

     "I want you to come to My office on Monday," She said. "It's in
the Humanities Building, Second Floor, Room Two-O Three.  My office
hours are Ten A.M. till Noon.  Be there at ten."

     When She finished freeing charlie's arms, Chastity had him undo
the other knots himself while She, on the other hand, returned to the
bathroom to out Her street-clothes back on.

     Still naked and sitting on the edge of the bed, charlie examined
the metal bracelet that had caused him so much agony.  The stainless
steel and was about a half-inch wide.  charlie grasped the, now, soft
head of his penis and stretched.  To his utter horror, the entire
inside of the bracelet was lined with metal teeth.  They HAS to be
sharp, he guessed, in order to have caused so much pain.  But there
was no blood!  None!  The he saw the tiny keyhole, similar to that
found on handcuffs.  Feeling a wave of panic, he grabbed the edges of
the hellish bracelet and tried to pull the damn thing apart.  Nothing
happened!  he tried again, with the same result.

     "It's locked, charlie, so you might as well quit trying,"
Chastity said.

     he jerked his face up to Her.  She was standing in the doorway,
wearing what She had worn in the bar.

"So, do you want Me to take you home or do you want to go back to
'Peabody's'..."  She paused. "And brag to your buddies?"

     With a demanding whimper that undercut the demand, charlie said,
"Where's the key?"

     Professor Harsh let out a soft chuckle.  "That's none of your
business.  Now put your clothes back on."

     he just glared at Her.

     "you'd better hurry, charlie," Chastity said with a slight smile,
"or I'll make you service Me again."

     Putting on his pants, charlie said, "i can go to the police."

     "And what are you going to tell them?  That a tenured Woman
college professor snapped a bracelet around your cock?"  Her smile
broadened.  "I would love to see you drop your pants for them.  No,
charlie," Professor Harsh continued, "you won't go to the police.
you'd be too embarrassed.  Besides, I would deny even knowing about
it.  And if I don't KNOW anything about it, charlie, then how AM I
going to take it off?"

     The young man said nothing in return but just finished getting
dressed in silence while Chastity looked on.

     No one was home when charlie entered the house after Chastity
dropped him off, reminding him once more about his Monday appointment.
It was just a little after midnight.  The other guys wouldn't be
dragging in till two or three.  That gave him at least two hours to
try and jimmy the lock.  All he could find that might work was a paper
clip.  he went upstairs to his bedroom and locked the door.  Then he
took off his pants and his underwear and, sitting at his desk, he
began to wiggle the wire around inside the keyhole.  Each time charlie
wiggled the wire and then tried to open the bracelet, his feeling of
panic grew.  After well over a dozen attempts, he was sweating and
shaking all over.  Now, feeling desperate, he elongated his penis as
much as he could and tried to slide the thing off.  That didn't work
either.  The teeth were pressing too tightly against the soft folds of
his limp dick; but not enough to cause pain nor, even, discomfort.  It
seemed as if there were no teeth at all!

     After nearly an hour's worth of struggle to jimmy the lock,
charlie let out a wail of frustrated anger.  he wanted to slap the
fuck out of that professor bitch.  But because of the bracelet,
charlie knew he couldn't.  The safety of his cock was more important
than giving in to his rage.  The bitch COULD do a serious number on
his prick if he tried to force Her to hand over the key.  That much he
knew.  He also knew why the prof had singled him out.  It was those
bitches who had plastered his name over the bathroom walls.

     Sometime during the night, charlie heard the boys laughing
downstairs.  For a split second he thought that they were laughing at
him, until he realized that that's what they always did after coming
back from downtown.  Ordinarily, charlie would be right down there
with them, that is, unless he'd picked up a foxy chick.  charlie
wondered, as he lay there in the dark, how big a lie he would tell the
guys tomorrow morning.  I mean, now he was balling professors.  The
guys would love to hear all the details.

     "Oh shit," he whispered.  "If i tell'em, and She finds
out...She'll....She'll never take it off."

     he realized, now, that his lie would have to be much less
titillating.  They left the bar, had a few drinks somewhere else, he
popped the question and She got cold feet.

     "So i came back," charlie whispered again, just to hear how it

     It didn't sound like him.  The guys would wonder why he didn't
just come back to 'Peabody's."  And because they wouldn't believe him,
they'd keep bringing it up, over and over, knowing there was something
he was hiding, something that they wanted to know.  Telling them that
the Woman's rejection had sent him home like a dog with its tail
between its legs was just too far out of character for a guy like
charlie.  So the first thing was to make his buddies promise not to
tell.  Then he would give them the story they wanted to hear.

     charlie was dreaming about tying the naked Professor Bitch to Her
bed an attaching four or five clothespins to each breast and more to
the insides of Her thighs, and then, while She's squirming over the
cruel pinching, climbing up onto the bed and moving to Her face with a
rock- hard cock that needed a blow-job, when at that moment, he
snapped awake to a hard-on throbbing with an indescribable pain.  To
keep from making any noise, in fact, charlie had to stuff the edge of
his pillow in his mouth.  The worst of the pain lasted just a few
moments, that is, until his cock began to bid a hasty retreat from the
prick of the teeth.  charlie removed the pillow from his mouth.  he
was breathing hard and quaking with anger.

     "That fuckin' bitch," he muttered under his breath, his rage
barely under control.  "That goddamn fuckin' bitch."

     charlie looked at the clock.  It was six-thirty.  The other guys
wouldn't be rolling out of the sack for at least another four hours.
Lying there in the semi-dark, the young man realized what he had to
do.  And it could not wait until Monday.

     After another two hours of fitful sleep, charlie couldn't stand
just lying there in bed anymore, unable to play with his cock if he
wanted to.  he knew that he had to go back to Professor Harsh's
apartment this morning and try to work out the problem.  charlie also
realized, however, that he would need to change his attitude, admit to
the charges that appeared on the bathroom walls.  he would turn over a
new leaf.  In other words, he would try to give an academy award

     While in the shower (he had the whole bathroom to himself),
charlie soaped his crotch as carefully as he could.  As the warm water
cascaded over his body, he felt that familiar tingle in his balls, he
wanted to play with himself.  he wanted to get an erection.  charlie
figured that the soap and everything might make the teeth slippery
enough to pull his dick out of their mean grip.  he lathered up his
hands real good and squeezed the head of his pecker, then he stretched
it.  But the moment he tried to move the bracelet up his shaft, he
felt the sharp scrape of the teeth and immediately let go.  With an
angry desperation charlie, then, tried to beat off in the shower.  he
imagined sneaking into the Woman's place while She was still asleep,
holding the same scarves that She had used to tie him to the bedposts.
charlie, of course, pictured Her naked.  After slapping the prof a few
times just to let Her know that She'd better not resist, he secured
Chastity's hands and feet to the posts, then asked where She kept Her
candles.  She refused to tell him.  he bit one of Her nipples.
charlie asked once more.  Through tears, She told him.

     Now we're going to play 'Hot Wax,' he imagined saying, but even
as the sadistic words passed through his brain, the pain of the teeth
hit like a sledge hammer, doubling him over.  charlie had never
imagined that such a pain could come to his prized possession, a
teeth-grinding pain, a pain unlike any other.

     "i'm gonna kill'er," he said quietly, his jaw tight. "i'm gonna

     Chastity was sitting in the love-eat in front of the bay windows
wearing Her striped robe and drinking coffee, reading the Saturday
TIMES, when the doorbell rang.  She wasn't expecting anyone,
especially this early in the morning.

     When She recognized who it was through the glass-paneled front
door, She smiled.  But a moment before Chastity opened it, She clicked
into a haughty mood, wanting charlie to know right off the bat that
She was annoyed at the disturbance.

     "i-i'm sorry, i..." he began.

     "you ought to be," Chastity snapped back before he could finish.
"I TOLD you when I wanted to see you."

     "Yeah... yeah, i know, but-but i jes wanted to come over and ...
You know...tell You how sorry i am for the way i acted last night."

     Her expression softened a bit.

     "Really," She said, with some sarcasm.  "I thought you acted just

     "Well...i mean i-i yelled at You and..."

     "It's chilly standing here, " Professor Harsh cut in once more.
"Why don't you come inside."

     "Thanks, Professor Harsh," said charlie, a paragon of politeness.

     Chastity smiled.  charlie's new-found manners delighted and
amused Her.  If having to spend just one night in "Kali's Teeth" could
do this to a guy like charlie, She whimsically wondered what having to
spend a week in it, or two, might do.

     "Want some coffee?" She asked.

     "If....If You don't mind."

     She sent him a wry Grin.  "This is hard for you, isn't it?"

     Naturally, he played dumb.

     "Wh..whattaya mean?"
     "All this sweetness and politeness.  you're just trying to butter
me up to see if I'll take off the bracelet."

     charlie gave Her a pained look.


     "But-but it hurts."

     "It's SUPPOSED to," She replied, Her tone and expression, severe.
"That's why you're wearing it.  Now why don't you go sit down, and
I'll bring you some coffee."

     After She handed charlie his cup, Chastity returned to the
love-seat and crossed Her legs.

     "All right, charlie, now tell Me why you're REALLY here?"

     "i--i jes wanted to find out if there was somethin' i could say
or-- or do or...what i mean is, i'm sorry about what i did to Carla.
It-it was wrong."

     "Well, I'm glad you finally realize that," said Chastity.  Then
She sipped Her coffee.

     "So--so what i was thinking i could do was .... well... well, You
know, go over to Carla's place a-and, like, apologize."

     "I think you should, too," She said.

     "And then maybe if i do that you'll...?"

     "I know what you're going to say, charlie," Chastity cut in. "And
the answer is no.  I mean, it's nice of you to want to apologize, but
the fact is, you're going to have to do a LOT more than that before we
allow you to cum again."


     "Myself and the 'Goddess Teeth Underground'," Professor Harsh
replied.  "It's a militant wing of the FEMINA SOCIETY.  Our goal is to
'tag' and then to reeducate men who We regard as Class B males.
you're probably more familiar with popular term."  She paused.
"Sexist pigs."

     charlie could not believe his ears.  he just sat there and stared
at Her.

     "In your case, it was very easy to find you.  your name is in
every bathroom."

     Chastity calmly sipped Her coffee.

     "Now...now wait a second," he began, his voice trembling a bit.
"A- are You saying Yer not gonna take this-this thing off?"

     "Not until you've performed certain...TASKS of atonement, as We
call them."

     "Like...like what?" he answered, sullen.

     "Like offering your mouth to any Woman who wants to use it," She

     charlie said nothing.

     "OR lending yourself out as an escort service for Women who might
want to do a night on the town.  you'll make sure that They get home
safely if They've had too much to drink.  Which, of course, means that
you would have to ABSTAIN from drinking.  And I would know if you
didn't because They would tell me," said Chastity.  "And, needless to
say, all of Them will know exactly what you have around your cock,"
she added.  "Oh, yes, and ah...They might want you to clean Their

     charlie's expression was hard and set.  "What if i don't wanna do

     "Then I'll notify our Foundress and She might want you to pay a
visit to our GODDESS GARDEN RETREAT.  Or She might just tell Me to
forget about you," said Professor Harsh. "Which means the bracelet
stays on for good."


     "you'll have to wear it till you find a way to get it off without
the key," said Professor Harsh matter-of-factly. "Which I'm sure
you've tried already, unsuccessfully, or else you wouldn't BE here."

     charlie just glared at Her.  The hatred was returning.  But at
the same time he felt a growing sense of panic, especially over the
fact that other Women would know about the horrible steel trap he wore
around his poor pecker.  But hatred mixed with helpless panic soon
gave way to fear.  his mood changed.

     "Look, look please.  i'll never hurt anybody again.  i PROMISE.
Jes-jes please take this off, Professor Harsh.  Please!"

     "you must play with your penis quite a lot, charlie, to be
reduced to begging like this.  But you might as well save your breath,
because it's going to be quite a while before you're allowed to
experience sexual relief," said Chastity.

     charlie looked down at the braided rug.  he grabbed for anything
he could that might make Her feel sorry for him.

     Then looking up, he said, "What if the Teeth... You know...start
to irritate my skin?"  his voice was kind of whiny now.

     "They won't if you stay soft."

     "But...but I CAN'T!" he said, his voice now whiny with

     "Is it hard now?"

     "W-well no, but..."

     "So you're wrong, charlie," Chastity cut in.  "you CAN keep it

     "But i'm not AROUSED."

     "Good," She said, "We WANT you to learn to control your erections
when you're around Women."

     "What about when i'm by myself.  i mean...i mean, can't i

     "No, you can't!" Chastity snapped back.  "Your masturbating days
are over, charlie.  your penis belongs to the FEMINA SOCIETY.  WE'LL
decide when We want to use it, not you.  Is that clear enough?"

     charlie's features became all twisted up.  "Y-y-you can't do
that!" he whined again.

     "We just DID." She looked at his cup.  "More coffee?"

     he sent Her a vacant look, then looked down and shook his head.

     "So what will it be, charlie?  Ejaculation with the bracelet
OFF -- when We ALLOW it, of course -- or trying to do it while it's
locked on...for keeps."

     "Do You..." he began.  "Do You REALLY have to tell Carla
abou-about this?"

     "Her especially," Professor Harsh replied.

     But-but-but if You do, S-she might..." his voice caught.

     Chastity sent him a sly grin.

     "What's the matter, charlie?  Afraid?"

     "Well...well yeah, sorta."

     "Good.  Because that's exactly how Carla felt when you forced Her
to have sex.  Now it's YOUR turn to be vulnerable," She said.


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