Suggestion for Chastity Belt Chains

Submitted by: Carl

The Tollyboy, Jones and Access Denied Chastity Belts have the waist band connected to the front shield by means of two ass chains. These chains look to be made of two rows of a special twist link.

One source suggested the chains were flat ground single twist sash chain, another suggested dog leash that had been silver soldered together, and then hard chromed after joining.

Some months ago, in an attempt to resize my Jones belt, I bought a pair of dog collars from my local pet shop. These are similar to the belt's existing chains, except there are three runs of chain fixed to each other, the three chains are of a slightly finer gauge than those in the belt, and and they end in a single large rectangular link, instead of the single large D-ring on the belt.

In the past I had also speculated that it should be possible to use Silver solder to join aligned runs of single chain - but this unnecessary now that I've found the dog collars. Because of the cost of Silver solder, I doubt this is used in the commercial dog collars.

It is clear to me that Jones uses dog collars in his belts - indeed, I strongly suspect that all of his metalwork is done "cold".



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