Addition to Chastity Belt - Telephone Controlled Vibrator

Submitted by: Anonymous

Dear Altairboy:

I am rather new to the internet but have just found your page. My wife and I have often thought about getting her a cahstity belt but have never found the information or perhaps the courage - on her part.

I have however invented a little toy which I feel you might be interested in as an addition to your chastity belt page. I am ever keen to please my wife and remind her I am thinking of her. I am a telephone engineer by trade so the following came fairly easily to me.

I have taken a conventional pager and a fairly conventional vibrator and connected them together as follows. The pager I have taken apart and removed most of the waste plastic and battery compartment and replaced the beeper with a small circuit board. I have taken the vibrator battery connections out on two wires to supply a small relay and simple electric circuit mas well as supplying the pager with power.

The result is what in the trade is called a latch which when switched to one state switches on teh vibrator and when switched to another switches it off. The state of the vibratot is controlled by the pager. When it is rung (paged) instead of beeping it switches the state of the latch thus when rung it switches the vibrator on and it stays on until it is rung again. I am thus able to turn my wifes vibrator - and indeed my wife - on from anywhere simply by making a call on my mobile. Further I can cause my wife to "enjoy" the experience for as long as I like.

The whole device vibrator and adapted pager is very neat and fits easily inside her and her briefs - the only part at all on the outside is teh remains of tha pager which can easily be hidden as it is only very small. I feel sure that such a device could be fitted to a chastity belt and would add a further measure of CONTROL although if teh reason for a chastity belt is to prevent orgasm then this is slighlty defeating - either way my wife feels that if it were part of a chastity belt she might just consent to wear it - of course she would not have to know the number of the pager......... or we might have some very heavy phone bills.

I hope to be able to persuade my wife to get a chastity belt.

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