Yet Another Modification on my Jones CB

Submitted by: Norbert

Hi Altairboy,

There is some interest among your readers about combining the properties of Walter Goethals and William Jones belts. For some time now, I have been trying to improve my already modified Jones belt yet again.

What I like with the Jones is the solid construction and the lock mechanism but I have trouble with the waist band digging in. Here the Walter seems to be better as it goes up and down over the hip bones and under the belly.

Now I would like to go to mechanical basics.

For a belt to remain at rest relative to the body (which is desired) all the forces acting on the belt have to cancel each other out. If you wear just the waist band the pressure from the inside pushing the belt to the left is the same as the one pushing it to the right. The resulting forces are perpendicular to the surface of the belt. The pressure is evenly distributed across the surface of the belt touching the skin.

If you add the down piece the distribution of forces changes. Additional force pulling the belt down (the reaction to the pressure in the crotch) tilts the forces so that they are no longer perpendicular to the belt surface. The effect is the lower edge of the belt carries most of the force and digs in. The rubber edging helps but not much. To compensate this the sides of the belt would have to be tilted to follow the direction of the forces.

norbmd01.jpg norbmd02.jpg

That is why I cut my belt in the back using some big shears. It was not too hard to do. It could even be done when the belt is worn. That was a bit of a disappointment. I then drilled some additional holes into the flap of the belt that goes over the locking post and into the front shield. After repairing the back with some extra metal strap I was able to put the belt back on again. As you can see from the pictures the whole thing is still very much under construction and needs some adjusting. The back chain are too long now and the upper portion of the front shield that sticks above the belt must go too...

Even in this unfinished state I would like to share my ideas to help fuel further development and discussion.

Kind regards

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