Simple, effective Chastity Belt

Submitted by: Geo

Dear Altairboy,

Thank you for the wonderful pages on the www.

I have had an interest in enforced male chastity for some time, and found your pages about the expensive, professionally made belts fascinating.

However, I could not justify the cost of one. Also, I have nobody to measure me, and, eventually, became slightly suspicious when I read a review which suggested that most of them appear not to be totally escape-proof anyway - if you were determined enough.

However, wanting to try something, I experimented with the simple plumbers j-tube, three dog chains and a few padlocks. I must say I am surprised at how effective this arrangement can be, - particularly if you pull the chains really tight. I know this can be uncomfortable, but that all adds to the fun anyway doesn't it?

I am not saying that you cannot escape from this simple type of restraint, but I haven't done so yet; also it is extremely cheap and much more effective than you might at first think. If anyone is considering having a go, I would recommend this to them. I have not worn it for an extended period, nor tried to shit with it on, but for play sessions, it can be very pleasurable indeed! If you are uncertain, the expendiute of a very modest amount of money will bring you a lot of satisfaction - believe me!

If you wish to put this recommendation of the www, I would ask that you do not publish my real name or e-mail address.


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