New Home Built Plastic Design, Needs Source Help

Submitted by: Mike

Hi Altairboy,

I have been a long time visitor to your site. Great place to spend time.

I am writing to ask you if you have a source or know of a place where I can order a medical grade plastic suitable for long term skin contact. I have designed a belt for long term wear, but need a castable and/or moldable plastic that is semi-flexible to use over the genitals. All forms that are commonly available leave residual solvents that I am somewhat concerned of being in prolonged contact with.

My wife has had me wear my invention non-stop for up to 2 weeks with out the liner as contact with it is irritating after about 2 days. She would like to use it longer but friction causes problems. Her idea is a more or less constant use to be removed only at her wish. If I can get a suitable material I think that I would be able to put the plans on your site for a belt that is of medium security, wearable under jocky type shorts with almost no visibility, and able to go through a metal detector.

So far, this device design should cost less than 20 US Dollars.

I have successfully tested the device at the airport. Please keep my address off the site.


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