Gary's do it yourself Chastity Belt project

I received this letter and some polaroid photos from a reader detailing his efforts at making his own chastity belt. I shall call him Gary (not his real name).

gary1.jpg" This is the first belt that I made. It was really just a trial run, constuction is aluminum, with this one being 1" x 1/8". It closes on the front side with a 'draw latch' which I got from the hardware store. Hasp loop ring goes sideways in the front, and the fasteners are pop-rivits.

gary2.jpg Here I am wearing the first belt. The piercing thru my penis has a lock with a Stainless Steel shackel that I made out of stainless rod. The penis lock simply goes through the front hasp loop. Unfortunatly, this rig put too much strain to be able to wear for long. And it was just impossible to urinate with out making a mess.

gary3.jpg Here is the same belt with an added front piece, and a bracket/shield for the lock and to cover the penis. This lessened the strain, and I was able to wear this without too much pain for about 24 hours, even when going out to the bar. This caused big problems, though, when trying to pee, and the shield kept gouging my balls. Still not good for continuous wear.

gary4.jpg Here is the second design, and the belt I am currently wearing. I made this from 2" wide aluminum, with a hinge in back. Fastening is done by drilling and tapping the aluminum for 10-32 SS flat head screws from the inside. The screws are permanent as I used Loctite, and the hinge/belt is also fastened with epoxy.

The front assembly uses the William Jones style locking details. The rear plate (not visible) has a locking stud bolted thru in the middle, with six smaller studs which go thru holes in the belt and in the front plate. Have yet to fashion the lock cover, and will have to use a lathe , I think. A smaller bracket with just one shackle hole is pop-rivited to the front plate. This was lowered again, and now is down far enough so I can urinate if careful. I no longer have to take the penis lock key with me when I go out, so I am getting there.

The aluminum has been coated with plastic, but that won't last for more than a few months. I still need to do some geometry adjustments before it is right.

Once I get it perfect, I will be making one from stainless steel strap, and instead of pop rivets and LockTite on the screws, I will get it Heliarc welded. Then I will get some removable covers to allow it to slide on the waist easier. I still have to work out something that will prevent masturbation, yet allow washing, so if you have any good ideas, let me know.

Gary B.

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