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This page will be used to post messages from persons desiring to sell their used CB Belts and Devices. Listings will be removed after 3 months. I claim no responsibility for the description, quality, or condition of the devices. You assume all risk when you contact the seller. I no longer offer brokerage service: Contact

I have been advised that someone had a CB2000 posted here, and they collected money from several persons, without shipping the device. This reinforces my warning above about assuming all risk when you contact the seller. I still offer brokerage service, where you can send me the payment and I will hold it pending receipt of your purchase. I will charge you ten (10) percent of the sale price, plus any shipping charges.

Steel Trap Chastity Belt - Posted 2017-October-14
I recently purchased a steel trap locking male chastity belt with cock cage from the Sub-Shop -- Locking-male-chastity-belt-with-cock-cage

The weblink above says the belt is for a size range of 24-36. I just measured the main waist band - each 1/2 of the band is 21 inches.

Unfortunately for me, I suffered a dyslexic moment during measurement and didn't find out that I'd screwed up, until I went to try the "BELT" portion of it, and found it too small. No other portion of the belt touched my skin and all has put back into its original packaging. The store has a "no return" on these types of items and thus, I'm putting this up for sale. Asking $120 USD

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