Edri's Home Made Chastity Tube

Submitted by: edri{AF}

I get a lot of questions about my tube, how it works and what it is made of. I thought it easier to make this page then answer them all individually.

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The tube is made from stainless steel pipe that was bent slightly by a chastity friend in the US . Thanks Nebel! It has a cap that is made from one half of a stainless steel Tea ball. The tea ball fits snugly on, and is superglued in place. There is a tab at the back that the ring you see slips into remy/birdcage style and locks. There is also a slot cut into the tea ball and I slip a padlock through and attach it to the ring of my Prince albert piercing.

The tube is coated in blue plastidip. I put many coats near the entrance and on the ring at the back, this rounds the edges and keeps everything tight preventing pinching.The silver model you see in the pictures is the Mark 1 tube, which I tried for a while but the slots were cut too long and it pinched alot when things moved. The second model is much better. I show the Mark 1 only to show the construction.

There is absolutely no chance of it ever being pulled out from due to the piercing. The ring is tight to the tube and prevents the balls being removed. It is very secure. The holes you see drilled are for air flow, this has been a problem because if there is no air then it will cause infections, smell and itching.

I wear it pretty much all the time now. It has to come off every couple days for at least an hour or two, supervised to let it get some air. Also after a couple weeks the piercing gets a little sore from having the lock hanging on it.


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