A device to be worn between belt sessions

Submitted by: Norbert

locking copper tube Someone suggested a breather device to be worn in between belt sessions. How about this one? This image shows the technical details of my ring and bottleneck idea.

I made this little device from a short length of copper tube and a fitting cap. Both are standard plumbing material. The plastic piece for the bottleneck was made from a slice of plastic water supply tube with the use of a file. The ring is made from copper wire, 2 mm thick used for electrical installations.

Best bet is to go to the next builder's merchant and see what material they have got. The plumbing department is a real treasury. I have another device here which is even cheaper and easier to make which would not prevent everything, but clearly indicate if you tried to tamper with it. When I finish the drawing I'll send it to you.

Kind regards,


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