The Home Cuff/Belt Experiment Continues

Submitted by: Altairboy

A week later, I decided to abandon any effort at a butt plug, as it was just too painful. I replaced the copper front plate with a piece of 1/8" aluminum plate. I replaced the 3/16" solid rear rod with a plastic coated 3/32" aircraft control cable, and then covered it a second time with a piece of 3/8" vinyl tubing.

I attached the cuff to the plate with a piece of light gauge stainless steel, so It could flex. The cable also flexes, so when I sit, or bend over things move instead of pinching my member. I left enough excess in the cable, that I can pull it slightly out of the way to do bathroom duty.

copat102.jpg copat104.jpg copat103.jpg

The waistband is a piece of stainless steel, with the edges rolled over. It is attached to the front plate with stainless steel screws and nylock nuts. You can see the waistband has been forced to turn down at the front, so there is accomodation for my belly. I also attached some rubber foam to cushion the top plate where it rests against my skin for comfort and protection from possible damage to my skin.

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