My Home Built Cuff Belt

Submitted by: Altairboy

ccuff01.jpg I started with a Leathermaster Chastity Cuff. It has a 1.5" diameter curved tube about 3.5" long, with a Valen stainless steel handcuff welded to the tube. I then attached the cuff to a triangular piece of thin copper plate. The copper plate is attached to a stainless steel waist band with rolled edges, and was bent to curve down towards the groin. I wrapped the copper plate before drilling holes completely, with several layers of clear 2 inch wide packaging tape to cover any rough edges of the copper plate.

I drilled a hole at the bottom of the cuff, and connected a small diameter stainless steel rod that is curved up my backside and goes between the butt cheeks, which is then bolted to the center rear of the waistband. All attachments were made with small machine screws, double nutted, and then the excess length of the bolt was broken off, which makes them the correct length so as not to poke thru clothing, but it also makes the nuts very difficult to remove. Later, I ground the excess length, and mashed the ends with a ball peen hammer.

copat005.jpg copat010.jpg

The preliminary "finished" product is rough, not professional quality, but is secure. There will need to be some further adjustments to the design, and eventually the copper plate will need to be replaced with a stainless plate of similar shape, and the nuts and bolts replaced with stainless rivets or stainless bolts and Nylock nuts to make them even more difficult to remove. I don't know about the locking mechanism yet, but could make a hinged cover like Walter's or Suda's.

My s/o noticed immediately the new design, and wanted to check it out more closely. When asked how to unlock it, I had to admit, I didn't have the tools available to unscrew the nuts off of the broken bolts. "So, you are stuck in there, eh?" -- Yes, I answered....

Since I was secured, completely engulfed in the sensations of "being stuck", and I had a few minutes of time available, I made a butt plug out of some 1 inch diameter solid plastic rod, about 4" long. It looks like a short, fat candle, with the tip carefully rounded with no sharp, pointed edges. The opposite end was cut flat with the edges slightly rounded off. I attached a flat piece of plastic for the base, and drilled some holes into it. The holes allowed me to secure the plug to the center wire rod with a small padlock. Then, I was both plugged and belted! A 4" plug may not seem like much, but for a novice, that is sitting on it, it feels enormous!

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