Andy's Construction Project

Here is a brief description of the belt I made:

front view There is a front plate of triangular shape, @ 10" on the top and 8" on the sides. This plate has a 1 1/2" hole at the base (center bottom) that has a curved pipe protruding through it. The pipe is actually a drain joint (J bend) from a plumbing supply house. I do need to get a 1 3/4 pipe as 1 1/2 is a bit snug. The pipe curves downward, over the balls, and toward the anus. There is a flat piece of stainless attached to the pipe and that goes through the legs and up the back just below waist level. There is a hole for the anus.

I am currently using chain coated with plastic to join the front plate to the rear but I will be making side pieces out of steel when time permits. I attached a couple of gifs of the belt (she let me out to scan them). Sorry for the poor quality, but these aren't photos, we actually scanned the belt. I used a HP-4P with the lights off in the room.

side view Andy: I have a question. Looking at the photo, it looks like the plumbing tube protrudes behind the front shield by 1/2" give or take. Does this to dig into your skin?

One would think, but it does not at all. That portion is very comfortable for long term wear, in face, I sleep with it everynight (bummer). It actually protrudes 7/8 of an inch. This insures that the penis cannot be reached of "pulled out" when soft, unlike the william jones design where it would appear that the shaft could be slid back out of the tube when soft. Trust me, it works. :)

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