Andy Makes a new Chastity Belt

Hi Altairboy:

I promised you some pictures, and here they are. As I said, I spent my weekend developing and building this model. The single bar has proven to be quite comfortable. The only drawback to my belt so far is the constant preasure on my pubic bone. Today, I greatly alievated that with some rubber molding around the edge of the tube. It seems to work well.

front view side view

Here is a brief write up on the construction: The penis tube is constructed out of 1.75" OD stainless tube, sliced at the appropriate angle on my table saw with a ferous blade. If you try this, USE SAFETY GOGGLES!! the saw kicks out tiny metal chips at light speed. Also, use gloves (it gets hot).

tube The tube is assembled with silver solder and a oxy-propane torch. I used solder which was flux coated. I was very impressed with the strength of the joints. The tube is soldered from the inside, thus leaving a smooth joint on the outside.

The main locking back plate is .080 stainless, cut on a bandsaw with a blade that costs more than I want to talk about.

The waist band is the same .080 material cut the same way. I used a piece of brass rod about .125 diameter to calculate the bends over the hips. Using the brass rod as a template, I drew out the waistband on paper, making about 1" wide on the average.

lock The locking mechanism consists of holes drilled in the ends of the waist band and pins soldered to the back plate. The ends of the belt are laid on the back plate, with the pins through the holes, and then the first cover plate folds down from the top of the back plate covering the pins and locking the waist band to the back plate. The second cover plate then folds up from the bottom and the locking post protrudes through the second plate and a padlock is placed on the post. The post is just three sheets of .080 stainless, cut to shape, with a hole to accomidate the padlock drilled into it. Using this type of stationary plate, I can use a bigger and more secure lock.

I would have taken pictures of the belt unoccupied, but my wife (and photographer) would not let the belt come off. She told me that I will not be out for at least a week, and then ONLY for sex. Other than that, I am to be belted at all times. I dont mind as it stops the "abuse" and keeps my mind focused.

She wants make an attachment for the belt for a pager that when it receives a page, I get a momentary low voltage "reminder" on my member. I have thought long about this, but cant seem to come up with an idea how encase the pager for security and still have it receive pages and be watertight. An interesting problem for all the engineering types out there... :) (dont hurry with suggestions please)

I may consider building CB's for other people, for money, but I would want about $700 each. Probably more than most would spend, but my time is worth that. If you think there would be sufficient interest, I will entertain having the pieces cut in quantity and my just doing assembly. I think I might be able to get the cost down to just a few hundred dollars then. But I would need to be convinced there is indeed a market out there.

Best regards,

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