Sabrina eight weeks in the dungeon!

Today is Sunday, 5 April 1998.

My 57. day in the dungeon!

Yesterday (Saturday) I was released from the dungeon and my irons for a short time. My Master had determined (already some time ago) that I should come out from the dungeon every 8 weeks for an "intensive body cleaning". And that happened yesterday. In the morning at 6 a.m. my Master took me out of the cage, in which I was "allowed" to spend again 24 hours from Friday to Saturday.

Then he got different tools (drill, bolt croppers) into the dungeon and began with opening my irons.

First he drilled out the rivets of the locking sleeves. That was surprisingly completed already after approximately a half hour. Then he took the bolt croppers (to splitting steel bars, chains, etc..). With this he "cracked" some of the various chain shackles, to open my irons. This took also not so long time - it was about 7 a.m. when my Master unscrewed the clamps on completely and removed the heavy iron harness.

After 56 days I was the first time without the heavy iron harness! An absolutely unusual feeling! Then I still took off my suit, what wasn't very easy at all, because I wasn't able to use my hands in such a way without the irons. When I was out from the suit and standing naked in the dungeon, the "American Handcuff combination" (type L-200) with the waistchain was put on me by my Master immediately. Obviously he feared, I could try to escape. At first he brought my suit into the washing-machine, then he led me upward into the bathroom.

The bathroom was already prepared. At the fitting of the bathtub a long, light chain of about 3 meters (10 ft.) length was locked. He locked the end of the chain with a small padlock to my waistchain, so I couldn't run away.

Then he took an electric clipper and cropped my hairs totally short. They where only about 2 mm (1/16") long. In addition, that was urgently necessary, because they were already quite felted. Then I was finally allowed to rise into the bath tub! What a feeling to take a bath after this long time without! My Master let me alone - I couldn't run away and my hands where cuffed to the waistchain in such a manner by the combination that I - unfortunately despite all efforts - wasn't able to touch my pussy. Nevertheless it was however a very great feeling, to stretch out myself in the warm water. I think I was about 2 hours (!) in the tub, when my Master came again. He then scrubbed my body extensively with soap, which I couldn't do with my hands chained.

Then I rose from the bathtub and my Master dried me. Subsequently, he still checked very extensive my whole body for "damages". However there was nothing, I had gotten through my 8 weeks in iron and in the dungeon without any problems. Subsequently he still shortened my hand and foot nails (this was also urgently necessary).

It was in the meantime about 11 a.m. when my Master went out of the bathroom and returned with the washed and in the meantime already again dry neoprene suit. Nevertheless I shuddered something at the first sight of the suit. I knew that I would be now probably again for the next 8 weeks in this part. But that didn't help me. My Master opened my leg irons (the handcuffs and the waistchain remained still closed) and I had to rise into the suit. After I was in the suit legs and he had drawn the suit upward, he put again the leg irons on me and unlocked the waistchain and the handcuffs. I slipped completely into the suit, then the handcuffs and the waistchain were also again locked to me. Then I still put on my Converse sneakers, which then were laced up carefully by my Master. After approximately 4 ½ hours I was again in my "dungeon suit" - the time seems very short for me.

My Master led me again downward, into the dungeon. I could see again short from the window and then we disappeared already in the cellar issue.

Down in the dungeon my heavy iron harness was already waiting for me. My Master putted me relatively rapid in the "loved irons" and bolted at first "only" the individual clamps. Actually that wasn't so unpleasant for me at all. The whole time I had the impression that somewhat is missing to me. And after I was again completely locked in the iron harness, I was felt myself again "complete". It was about 0:30 p.m.

Then my Master putted the locking sleeves over the clamp flanges and riveted them in the proven way. The two wall chains and the iron ball had remained fastened to the iron harness, so that I was again well chained to the wall of my dungeon. It was about 1 p.m.

The whole action had taken about 7 hours from 6 a.m. to 1 p.m. Relatively long, but actually too short for me. Anyhow I'm again chained as a chain convict in my dungeon - for the next 8 weeks!?

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