Sabrina six weeks in the dungeon!

Today is Sunday, 22 March 1998.

Hello, loves friends!

I'm sorry for that you haven't heart something from me for a long time, but I wasn't able to do so! On Wednesday, 25 February, I had a something excited discussion with my master. When he went out of the dungeon by the lattice door, I flied into a rage and I threw a water after him - so far that's possible with my irons! Promptly I met not my Master, but the lattice. From there the bottle fell on the PC desk and emptied themselves. A part of the water ran into the PC.

That gave up the ghost immediately. My master brought it to the repair. Result: Power pack and Motherboard broken - not quite cheaply! Now (after almost 4 weeks) I have it again, but my master limited strongly the use of the PC's by me. I may work with the PC today the first time again. I get however only each Sunday set for EMails and also dispatched. Same applies to the update of my homepage. If I'm a good girl, I may use him then next Sunday again - and so on. It was again an absolute foolish thing of me to do this but now I must endure also this "special punishment". The answer of your EMails will thus somewhat delay itself!

Otherwise I'm quite well. Physically and mentally I in-lived myself in the meantime quite well here down. 43 days I spend now already in iron put and chained as a convict here in the dungeon. To my heavy iron harness I got accustomed already totally good, I can't already imagine how it's "without".

Due to the attack with the water bottle on my master it is probably quite good that I arrange myself with my situation here down, because so fast I will now probably not come out!

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