Sabrina's second week in the dungeon!

Today is Sunday, 22 February 1998.

Now I have my second week as a chain convict in iron and in the dungeon behind me.

I found gradually the way back again to the "normal" day as a convict. Nevertheless I calculate now and again my time here down in the dungeon - particularly the time, which is still before me: The last time I was imprisoned for 105 days. My current time in the dungeon are 14 days, makes (related to 105 days) 13.3 %. That seems to be of course very reasonable, but this means also that I have at least 87% of the time still before me - or 91 days. At least because I am punished this time surely longer than the last time. Such calculations appear probably totally unreasonable, but it's important for me to be occupied!

During the day I try to get diversion, so well as I can. I read and answer at the PC the many (predominantly nice) mails, which I get and create new pages for my homepage. My heavy iron harness reminds me however nevertheless always of the fact that I am locked up and chained to the wall here down in the dungeon as a chain convict.

Actually I feel quite happy in my situation as a convict, but sometimes I'm also frustrated. Friday I was again locked in the puppy cage for 24 hours. 24 hours only sitting, crouching, lying with drawn up legs ... and much, much time for thinking. In the puppy cage the time seems to pass not at all. It'll takes always ages until I'm released again by my Master early on Saturday. I stare constantly at the door of the dungeon whether he comes eventually - sitting in the puppy cage I'm always losing totally my time feeling. At the night I sometimes roused from sleep, because I tried obviously unconsciously to stretch me.

I could manage well without the puppy cage, but it's a part of my severe dungeon detention.

Again some questions were asked by Mail or in my Guestbook:

Do you have daylight in your dungeon, can you see out from the window?

The ground outside of the house at the place of the cellar window is around approx. 1 meter (40") more highly than the basement ceiling because our house is situated on a slight slope. Thus the air shaft of the window is relative high and I can see from my dungeon only the rear back of this shaft. I get therefore only something daylight here down by the window in the anteroom and I can only suspect, how daylight and weather are outside. Otherwise the lighting comes here in the dungeon from two large dome lamps in the anteroom and a dome lamp in the bath cell. These are constantly switched on and I have no possibility for switch them on or off.

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