Sabrina 18 weeks in the dungeon!

Today is Sunday, 14 June 1998.

My 127. Day in the dungeon!

The last two weeks no special new events. I serve well-behaved and humiliate my rightful dungeon punishment as a chain convict. For some this punishment may appear as inhuman and intolerable, I'm however grateful to my master for the fact that he holds me in this strict dungeon detention. It's the only way I can pay for my wicked deeds, my disobedience and lack of discipline in an appropriate manner.

My irons have become already almost a integral part of my body. Nevertheless they remember me constantly of the fact that I'm a rather bad and naughty girl, who can be kept safe only in this heavy chains.

I don't know, when I will be released by my Master. After my last disobedience my minimum punishment was increased to 1 year and 2 months. But this doesn't means that I will be really released from the dungeon. My master can leave me in the dungeon as long as he likes - so it's reconciled in my judgement.

My time in the dungeon always goes in the same rhythm. After the two weeks in the small cell I'm however now again able to use my PC. So I'm having at least something diversion and I'm able again to read and write mails.

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