Sabrina twelve weeks in the dungeon!

Today is Sunday, 3 May 1998.

My 85. Day in the dungeon!

I did not attach the last weeks a new site to my homepage, because there was nothing really new to report. I'm still firmly forged into my heavy iron harness, chained to the wall and locked up in the dungeon.

Only on Friday, 24 April there was some "trouble":

When I was locked into the cage in the morning by my Master - like each Friday -, I complained something about this handling. This complaint didn't do any good of course - quite the reverse. My Master felt this as renewed disobedience of me and he determined that I must remain the next four weeks Friday and Saturday in the cage - for in each case 48 hours.

Additionally my minimum punishment of one year was extended by my Master by a full month. Each further disobedience of me will cause automatically a further extension of one month.

Yesterday I got now for the second time the imposed additional punishment of 48 hours in the puppy cage behind me. To spend full 48 hours in the cage is a rather hard punishment, which I have however well deserved. The time doesn't pass at all. Anyhow I have in this time a good chance to think about my stupidity.

On 22 February was my last sexual satisfaction. For 70 days my chastity belt was until today only opened by my Master, so that he can make me clean. It seems at the moment there will be no change - it's a further addition punishment for my disobedience.

Otherwise I spend my time with reading and a answering of your mails - thanks to all of you for this! Because there is a lot of mails I receive, it can last somewhat, until I answer to you, particularly since writing with the hand iron is not so quite simple.

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