Sabrina's first week in the dungeon!

Today is Sunday, 15 February 1998.

Now I have been here in the dungeon for one week as a chain convict. My initial enthusiasm for the renewed stay in the dungeon normalized some in the meantime. I'm conscious of that my master will leave me in the dungeon this time in any case for longer than 105 days. The mere thought to it frustrates me every now and then. In addition, I know from the preceding stays in the dungeon that the first weeks are the worst. Everything is still unusually and also stenuous.

When my master put me in irons and chained me to the wall, it was much exciting. But as my master left the dungeon and left me alone, I was sorry about my doing. I forced myself again into doing this complete nonsense. But it's now too late to moan. Here I will come out again only if my master leaves me - and this could take a long time.

I try to divert me something by reading and a writing at the PC, but I succeed only in parts. My heavy iron harness reminds me constantly of the fact that I must serve my severe detention here in the dungeon as a chain convict.

It's a strange to be known I'm locked up now again here for (probably) a long time. I often walk up and down in the dungeon, thereby pulling the two chains and the iron ball rattling behind me. I'm standing at the lattice and look outside, into the so near, but nevertheless for me inaccessible world. Then I lay down again somewhat on my mattresses and wind myself into my iron. That is probable the unconscious attempt to take off the irons. It's senseless of course, because the iron harness has my body fully and relentless under control. At least I can work it off somewhat.

I feel sometimes like the worst heavy criminal. But it is - I suppose - the only possibility for my master to keep me safe and to discipline me. The last week contributed already extensively to my change for the better anyhow. I am now again the good and obedient girl, I'm not normally. No impudent remark, no contradiction, I'm a reall tame and dear girl. It's no wonder, because here down in the dungeon I am absolutely dependent on the goodwill of my Master. I must discipline myself, because each disobedience as a chain convict leads immediately to appropriate measures such as I'm gagged or must go into the puppy cage. Thus I obey my Master's every word, after all I want to preserve my chance to be released on probation. Additionally I get in this manner also a few "tender loving care", which isn't also to be underestimated in my position.

I got again some accustomed with my heavy iron harness in the meantime - so far as that is possible. I reduced my movements already to a large extent to that, what the chains grant me as room to move. The iron sit well and closely. That's not only unpleasantly, because I have no possibility of providing for me something "relief", but on the other part they don't chafe thereby. The iron harness sits perfectly anyhow and the two long chains also constantly reminds me to the fact that I am not here down in the dungeon "only" locked up, but also well chained to the wall. What desires the heart of a contrite chain convict still more?

I want to use this opportunity, to answer to some questions, which I received as Mail or comments in the Guestbook of my homepage (my master has downloaded on my PC in the dungeon):

How often does your master visit you during the long time of the dungeon punishment?

Normally at least twice on the day (in the morning and in the evening), sometimes also at noon. I get then my meal and I'm also supplied from him "hygenically" (see further below). If my master isn't here in the house - which is sometimes the case - I'm supplied by a good female friend of me and my Master.

How is it with the hygiene?

That's - admitted - a little problem. I can't take a bath or showers during the time in the dungeon. I wash myself with some limitations at the wash basin with a flannel and facecloth. But I succeed of course in this only in parts because of my irons. The chains, with which my hand irons are chained at the waist band are however so long that I can achieve my popo (if I contort myself some). About every two days I am chained therefore by my master between the two fixing bars - so that my hand irons are fixed above and I couldn't reach my genital area. Then he opens the shield of my chastity belt and makes me "correctly clean" down this area. I didn't have however any problems (with my skin, etc.) during my 105 days in the dungeon.

What do you make, if you have your "period" - in particular within the chastity belt?

I have to wear the chastity belt of course also during this time. I have for this purpose pieces from muslin / gauze, which I pull under the shield of the chastity belt (just underneath the waist band) and then pull it so downward (laterally) under the shield, until they sit at the correct place. That has then a similar effect as a panty liner.

How long time did you have to carry the "feeding gag"?

For some days - without interruption! Normally I have to wear the gag, always if I am locked up in the puppy cage. Thus at least each Friday for 24 hours!

Describes, how a normal day in the dungeon passes!

I become usually awake arround 6 a.m. and rise then. I must not put on my clothes - this is an advantage to be a chain convict! Then I go into the "bath cell" and complete my morning toilet. I need of course somewhat longer for this. About 7 a.m. usually my Master (or our friend - if my Master isn't at home) comes down and brings me the breakfast and often also the lunch in "tupperware". Sometimes I'm chained between the fixing bars before breakfast made clean (see description above).

When I'm alone again, I have breakfast. Subsequently, I walk usually somewhat up and down in the dungeon and make sometimes also a few gymnastische exercises - so I'm able to do this with my irons. Then I occupy myself at the PC (reading and writing mails, new sites of my homepage, drawings..) or I lay down again somewhat, think...

Against noon I eat my lunch. The afternoon passes then like the morning.

My master comes usually arround 6 p.m. down in the dungeon and brings me my dinner. Sometimes we are having also some conversation.. Approximately 10 p.m. (sometimes later) I lay down myself then for sleeping.

What do you think during your time in the dungeon?

That is very different and depends on my mood. I'm often thinking about the fact whether it is correct - or was - to leave me here in the dungeon. I also often consider, how long I must - or may - remain probably here down in the dungeon for this time. I already considered several times, how it would be, if I would remain locked up in the dungeon "for live". This thought is for me frightening however at the same time also very fascinating and exciting. I'm - of course - also rather frustrated sometimes over my existence as a chain convict. I then think about possibilities to escape from my irons and the dungeon by my own efforts. That's however absolutely impossible.

I stated with increasing duration anyhow I get on better and better with my situation as a chain convict. My life in the dungeon is more and more "normality".

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