The "Spanish Trapezoid"!

The leg irons which are part of the "heavy iron harness", are called by us the "spanish trapezoid". The "Spanish trapezoid" consists of 4 steel clamps, which are firmly connected by iron bars. Two of the clamps were put around the ankles and two clamps around the lower legs just below the knees. The bar between the clamps around the ankles is about 40 cm (16") long, the bar between the clamps beneath the knees about 25 cm (10"). The bar between an ankle clamp and a knee clamp is about 30 cm (12") long.

In the middle of the horizontal bars a iron ring is welded. To the ring of the lower bar the iron ball is fitted.

The clamps are hinged. To close them they are snaped shut and - as described at the "heavy iron harness" - each bolted by two screws and covered with a "locking sleeve". The "locking sleeve" is either secured with a padlock or - with longer terms in prison in the dungeon - "forged" with a rivet.

The two vertical bars between the ankle clamps and the knee clamps prevent me to move the clamps in vertical direction. This is because they aren't  put arround my legs as tight as the others clamps of my iron harness, so I can - for example - squat my legs without problems.

From each of the knee clamps a chain runs to the thigh bands and continues from there to the waist band of the chastity belt.

The "Spanish trapezoid" is a very unpleasant equipment to remind chain convicts like me constantly of the heavy irons. By means of the spreader bars the ankles and knees are always hold in the same distance - it doesn't matter whether the chain convict Sabrina is standing, walking, sitting, lying ...

It's also impossible for me to have my legs cross-legged with the Spanish trapezoid. Walking with the Spanish trapezoid is very arduous and requires some practise, also after the phase of habituation. Quick walking or even running is total impossible with the trapezoid.

After my 105 days in the dungeon it took some time until I was used again to walk "normal" without the Spanish trapezoid.

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