The "Heavy Iron Harness" of Sabrina!

To begin with: I am sorry, but I have no photos which show me in my heavy iron harness. My Master objects to showing photographs, so I'm not allowed to put photos on my homepage. Therefore, I'm only able to show some drawings, which aren't very good because they are made by me! But I think they will give you some impression of my irons.

If I am locked up in the dungeon I must wear irons and chains. My Master and I call this outfit Sabrina's "Heavy Iron Harness". These irons were made specifically for me and adapted to my body by a friend of my Master. The exact design of these irons came from me and my Master. Therefore, to a large extent this iron harness is the realization of my desires and needs, and so it isn't something that is really "forced upon me"!

My iron harness consists of a combination of cuffs (shackles), plus chains and iron bars which connect the individual parts. The cuffs consist of stainless steel bands 3mm (1/8") thick and 5 cm (2") wide. The waist belt is somewhat wider, being about 6cm (2 1/2") wide. The steel bands from which my "helmet" is made is smaller, being only 2mm (1/16") thick. The inside of the cuffs and the helmet bands are lined with neoprene rubber which is about 2-3mm thick. This keeps the metal from chafing or rubbing on my skin. The cuffs are hinged so they may be put onme. After they are closed their flanges are secured by at least two screws. Over these are fitted a "locking sleeve" which is then secured by either a padlock, or- for longer terms of confinement in the dungeon- by a rivet which is hammered in place. The locking sleeve covers the screws so the cuffs cannot possibly be opened. To open a riveted locking sleeve the rivet must first be drilled out.

The central part of the iron harness is the chastity belt. It consists of the 6 cm wide waist band, which fastens just above my hips. For this reason, the band has hinges on the left and right sides. Thus the front part can be opened in two sections. The shield part of the chastity belt fastens to the waist band in the back with a hinge. Additionally, the shield has a hinge approximately in the center.

The rear section of the shield fits between the buttocks. At the anus there is a (relatively) large hole in the shield to permit defecation.

The front part of the chastity belt shield completly covers the genital area and continues to the waist band. At the top of the shield is welded a square locking sleeve. This is similar to the other clamps: The flanges are screwed together and covered by the sleeve which is then locked or riveted. So the shield is well fixed and secured. At the waist band two short, thick chains connect to the thigh bands. These thigh bands cannot be opened, so I must first step into these bands when I put on my harness, and then pull them up to my thighs.

The "Metal Bra" consists of two metal bowls which go over my breasts and are conected to a metal band. This band has two hinges, and is closed and locked - at the back - in a similar manner to my waist band.

The two hand irons are connected with a bar which is about 40 cm (16") long. Also, there are two steel cuffs which go just above the elbows on the upper arms. Each of these is conected to the wrist cuffs and the "Metal Bra" with a short chain.

We call the leg chains, the "Spanish Trapezoid". This term comes from my Master: I don't know whether it is an official designation (perhaps from the time of the Inquisition?), or if it was invented by my Master. It consists of two cuffs which go just above the ankles, and two cuffs which fit under the knees. These four cuffs are connected by four iron bars which form a trapezoid. The bar between the ankle cuffs is about 40 cm (16") long, and the bar between the knee cuffs is 25 cm (10") long. The bar which connects the ankle and knee cuffs is about 30 cm (12") long.

Over my head is placed what we call a "crowning termination": a metal helmet or "headgear". This metal helmet is connected to an iron neck band. The helmet is hinged, and can be opened- and locked - in the back.

All these individual parts are connected by means of various chains, which finally results in a true "Heavy Iron Harness". To put on the entire iron harness takes about a half hour. With all these bars and chains connecting the individual steel cuffs, I have just enough freedom of movement to permit long stays in the harness - and in the dungeon.

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