The Hand Irons!

The hand irons belong like the "Spanish trapezoid" as a fixed part to my "heavy iron harness".

The hand irons consist of 2 steel clamps, which are put around my wrists, closed, bolted and secured by means of a locking sleeve like the other clamps. The locking sleeve is "forged" with a rivet when I have to stay for longer time in the dungeon. The steel clamps are not accurately round, they have an elliptical form, so that I can't twist my wrists in the clamps.

This two clamps are connected firmly with one about 40 cm (16") long steel bar. Thus I can't even touch my both hands at the fingertips. From each hand iron one short chain each leads to the steel clamps, which are put just above the elbows around my upper arms and leads from there to the steel band of my "Metal Bra". Each of the clamps arround my wrists is additionally chaine to the front of the waist band of my chastity belt. Each of this chains is about 50 cm (20") long.

The two clamps with the spreader bar between are a very grateful construction, in order to make chain convicts tame and obediently - there is no comparison with "normal" handcuffs. By this hand irons I became conscious why it's important to have two hands!

Apart from the restriction of my freedom of movement it's particularly very frustrating for me that I can't achieve each place of my body. Thus I see the steel clamps around my wrists, but I can't even touch them!

However I can't complain - the most ideas to this diabolical construction came from me!

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