Sabrina's Feedback to the Visitors of her Homepage!

Since I started with these homepage on 25 January 1998, I had received many Mails and some also had signed my guestbook. So I believe, it's now time to give some time and attention to this.

First I would like to say thank-you to all those, which wrote me and thouhgt that my homepage is good. I want to try to remove my homepage further in the context of my possibilities. I will therefore attempt to extend this page within the bounds of my possibilities. This is very time-consuming and I'm some restricted in my possibilities at the moment. Also the up- and download of my pages is currently only possible with my Master's support and he can't devote his time to me only.

Some wrote, they would have to see pictures, in order to know whether my descriptions are reality or fantasy. I made this homepage, in order to show our way of life and our preferences. It is not my intention to convince someone of this with might and main. If someone has doubts about whether this is reality, so you're welcome to do it - and stay away from my homepage. You have my fullest sympathy for this and I can your decision accept perfectly.

Why no photos? There are several reasons, which I had already described in parts. Here again for better clarification:
My master and I do not need pictures for ourselves - our experiencing is the most important factor for us. We therefore have no bondage photos of me or us.
We want to protect our anonymity. By photos - even if they do not admit directly conclusions on our persons or our house - the danger exists in our opinion that this anonymity is no longer protected.

With many (usually male) letters I had the impression, they are only interested on pictures! Here I can give only the tip to have a look to other pages which are more suitable for this, because there are such pictures in plentiful supply.

Pictures in the Web are often misused as commercial goods. We do not want to make a profit out from our way of life. In addition, we also don't want that this is done by others. I saw by myself "amateur pictures" pinched and marketed in the web without any consideration of a copyright. We will not support this practise by delivering voluntarily the products for it.

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