The equipment to make the bad girl Sabrina obedient!

Here I describe the equipment, which is used by my master makes me a again a good girl - if I were again disobedience (which occurs relatively frequently):


American Handcuff

Both types of handcuffs are very harmless and unfortunately not "Sabrina-secure"! Therefore they are only put to me if I'm under direct supervision of my Master.

Otherwise I can open these handcuffs in relatively short time e.g. with a bent paper clip without any key - even if my hands are bound on my back.

American Handcuff

These handcuffs are already relatively safe - if they are put on me correctly by my master. If however the key-hole is to the front instead to the rear, to open them isn't a problem for Sabrina. It takes some time and I have to fumble, but I finish the work with success normally.
The "Rolls Royce " under the handcuffs! Thanks the safety-lock these handcuffs are "Sabrina-secure". I haven't get open them without the key still today. They are very massive! Although I have more freedom of movement with the longer chain between the two clamps, the high weight of this nice accessoires compensates this advantage!

We - by the way - lined the clamps inside with thicker neoprene rubber, so that they are situated more closely on my body and also do not scrub the skin. Since my master recognized that I can crack the "simple" handcuffs relatively easily, he puts these now on to me whenever I am not under his direct supervision.

Leg irons:
To the leg irons applies the same, as to the handcuffs - they are not "Sabrina-secure". That applies naturally only to the case, which I can reach the leg irons with my hands. If my master chained however my hands in such a way that I can't reach my feets, I must leave these nice leg irons, where they are fastened.
Like the handcuffs they are the "Rolls Royce"! Due to the safety-lock I found still no possibility of opening the clamps without key. They are rather hindering and by the solid chain and the high weight of the clamps walking is difficulty and hard. Despite the additional lining with neoprene rubber (made by us) I'm always wearing a pair thick socks under it. That makes wearing bearable and protects against abraded places.

American Handcuff

A very nice thing and "Sabrina-secure", if the Waistchain is put to me tight around my hip by my master. Then I cannot reach either the other handcuff or the leg irons with the hand.

In the combination I am rather helpless and I must ask my master for (almost) everything.  

"Metal harness"::
"Light harness" of 
'La Ceinture De Chastete'
(meantimes 'William Jones').

The "light harness" (our name for it) consists of a chastity belt with thigh bands, collar and a metal bra. The parts can be worn also separately from each other. The iron harness is bought, but particularly exactly made and fitted to my body.

I'm often carrying the light harness in the house (not if I'm imprisoned in the dungeon), often also in combination with handcuffs and leg irons. I must wear at least the chastity belt always I'm outside of the house. There are only some few exceptions to this rule: e.g. vacation or air travel. Sometimes in addition, I'm wearing also the metal bra and the collar outside the house. I'm then wearing over it appropriate clothes (e.g. jeans and turtle-neck) hoping nobody is seeing my "ironware".

Wearing of the iron harness is relatively good and doesn't disturb me after a short phase of adaptation. That does not include however to the chastity belt. The chastity belt prevents naturally - to my disappointment - certain things very lastingly. This is however the purpose of this thing.

"Heavy iron harness" I dedicated a special page to the "heavy iron harness", because it is - I think - somewhat very unusual. This iron harness is my iron "standard suit" if I'm locked up in our dungeon as a chain convict and chained to the wall.

Iron Ball
The iron ball can be attached to my leg irons with a short chain of about 50 cm (20"). Normally it is always fastened to my irons in the dungeon, if I am wearing the heavy iron harness. It is there fixed the at an eye in the center of the lower spreader bar.

According to opinion of my masters it is to prevent that I become "too insolent in the dungeon and to make large jumps". That isn't possible anyway with my heavy leg irons, so the ball is an additional thing to make my life in the dungeon more difficult. It is anyhow rather exerting to constantly drag this iron ball while walking.


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We have two gags in the use, which can be used as supplement of my "headgear" (which is part of my "heavy iron harness"). They are put for me into the mouth, hung up then at two pins at the headgear and locked off with a small padlock.

The one gag has a "normal" form of a dildo, while the other one is a special development of us. We call it "feeding gag". It has the form of a pacifier and inside a pipe. Outside a hose can be screwed on. I can drink then over this hose and eat highly liquid food (e.g. mash).

The gags I get always then inside my mouth, if I was too gabby (upon my Master's opinion), lament over my heavy irons, or simply only as additional measure for disciplining.

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