Exact representation of Sabrina's dungeon!

That is a more detailed representation of Sabrina's a dungeon. Here I am imprisoned by my master, if I were again badly and disobedience. In addition I am put beforehand into heavy iron and chained then with two chains, which are fastened to the rear wall of the dungeon, at my neck iron and the heavy waist iron ring around my hip. The two chains are about 4 m long, so that I (almost) can achieve each angle of the dungeon. In addition, they are so briefly held that I cannot achieve for example the lock of the lattice door. Even if I had thus a key for the door, I could not open these.

The "bath cell" was used of us in former times as own dungeon cell, before the dungeon was extended for longer stays. There is also still another couch with mattress available, which I use however actually only for sitting.

Between the two fixing bars, which lead from the soil to the cover, my master can chain me up with my iron harness. Sometimes I must spend several hours in the puppy cage (about in each case 1.20 m highly, broadly and deeply), if I were as a chain convict disobedience.

In the upper, rear corner of the dungeon a monitoring camera is installed, with which my master can always observe the convict Sabrina.

For sleeping I use the two mattresses, which are situated on the floor and are rather hard - unfortunately -.

Additionally a PC is to me at the disposal, with which I can be there down occupied during my longer stays. I can also write and receive thereby eMails, however not directly. The PC is connected with the PC of my master in the upper floor. All eMails and other things from the Internet are only checked there by him, before they are passed on to me.

I believe, our dungeon is a good compromise to enable longer stays, but nevertheless also to secure the educational aspects of a strict dungeon detention.

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