The dungeon, in which the bad Sabrina often languishes!

That is the sketch of " my " dungeon. When clicking on the picture a somewhat larger sketch with different details and additional explanations is displayed!

The entire surface amounts to about 29 sq.yd., whereby however the anteroom covers about 6 sq.yd. The anteroom is separated by a lattice in the entire width from the actual dungeon.

The dungeon (we call it also often "Verlies" - hears itself so beautifully creepy) is thus actually relatively roomy. Nevertheless it is already much exciting to be locked up for longer time there - particularly I normally additionally always put into heavy iron and chained to the wall.

The dungeon is not excessively comfortable, but with the dark, damp and musty dungeons of the Middle Ages he does not have also much in common. Restroom, under-floor heating and video monitoring (for the master) are evenly concessions to modern chain convicts.

I have a PC available in my dungeon even. This PC isn't connected directly to the internet (only over the PC of my masters and if he permits), but at least it gives me some kind of diversion. Perhaps I read even for the moment in the dungeon my guest book - so sign my guestbook and give me some pep talk!

Otherwise it is however nevertheless a strict and hard education for me, in sorts to be locked up, because the mattresses are very hard and my iron not even particularly easy! Even if it may sound strange for many, I need this time, I "enjoy" it being imprisoned as a helpless chain convict there. The even long stays in sort, in my steel harness cause to me an extreme internal excitation.

I was already asked of some whether I could - if I it wanted - escape myself from the chains and the dungeon!? Unique response: NO! Beforehand to all fanatics of security: It is my desire that this is like that, because I need this certainty, in order to be able to realize my feelings correctly. In such a way with the associated risks and dangers I argued myself sufficiently and made myself this decision for us (mine Masters and me). There is also a clear declaration/agreement between my Master and me: it leaves me only then again from the iron and to the dungeon out, if he has the opinion that the point in time has come and not, if I request it by means of request, supplication ...

That is an important point for me to know that I do not come out, if I want it. I accepted my "punishment" in the dungeon and have these to endure now evenly. If there would be a possibility to escape from the dungeon (by an ermergency key or the like), then I would use it also without a really reason. But without this possibility I have however at all no chance, without my Master's help to escape my existence as a chain convict - and this gives me only this fascinating and feeling which can be described with difficulty.

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