My Chastity Belt!

The chastity belt is the central part of my "heavy iron harness".

It consists first of all of the 6 cm broad waist belt. This waist belt is put around my hip and then the flanges of the belt are bolted with two screws. For this reason the belt has a hinge on the left and on the right side. Thus the front section can be opened unfold in two sections tu put the belt on me. The shield of the chastity belt is in the back fastened to the center of the waist belt with a hinge. The shield itself is divided approximate in the center and with a hinge connected. The rear section comes down between the buttocks and over the anus is a hole in the shield to allow deflation.

The front part of the chastity comes in front upward covering the genital area and further again to the waist belt. At the place of my genital area the shield has many small holes to allow urination. At the upper front end of this shield a square locking sleeve is welded. This is put - similiar to the other clamps - over the flanges bolted together in the front of the waist belt and locked with a padlock. Thus the screws at the waist tape are taken off and the shield is well fixed and locked

In the back and the front of the waist belt two eyelets are welded on each side. From each of them a chain leads uppward to my "metal bra". From each of the both eyelets in the front of the waist belt a chain leads down to the thigh bands and further to the "Spanish trapezoid". A further chain, about 50 cm (20") long, leads from each of this eyelets to one of my hand irons.

I feel the chastity belt as a very pushing instrument to discipline me as a chain convict. The permanent wearing of this iron panties is very exciting but also very disturbing. It's not possible for me to masturbate with this equipment - I have already tried all variations, but without success. When I'm imprisoned in the dungeon, the shield of the chastity belt is only opened to clean me or - if I was good and obedient - that my Master can "reward" me.

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