The "Metal Bra" of Sabrina!

My " Metal Bra" or "Chest Harness" ensures that I can't perform any sexual stimulation by touching my nipples.

To put the bra on to me the two, metallic bowls of the chest harness are put over my breasts, the steel band is then closed and the flanges are on my back screwed together and covered by the sleeve which is then locked or riveted.

From the "chest band" of the metal bra three chains in front and two chains at the back leads up to the neck iron and down to the waist band of my chastity belt. Thus the metal bra is well fixed and can't be shifted by me. This is therefore very important, because the breast band is not very tight put around my chest, thus my respiration is not hindered.

From the two front eyes at the chest band two chains leads to one steel cuff which goes just above the elbows on the upper arm.

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