Sabrina is in the dungeon again!

Sabrina was free for only 21 days, ridiculous 3 weeks. I create this page already on the PC in my dungeon, put in my heavy iron harness and chained. But I think, it's the right moment to write this, because my impressions are still fresh and I'm having also some diverson by doing it.

It was on Sunday, 8 February 1998. My Master and I returned in the evening before (Saturday) from a three-day-long visit of friends. We had a nice "playing" this evening and amused ourselves very good. It seems strange - it always occurs on weekend and when we were together on the way and come back again. Sunday morning my Master put handcuffs (American Handcuff - hinged) on me "for playing and for your own security". Oh, I love this nice sound of locking the cuffs! The rest of the morning then passed without any remarkable events.

Sunday noon (it was about 1 p.m.) I took the garbage can and brought it out to trashcan - still handcuffed. I don't know, but I must have had a devil in me! It's strictly forbidden to me by my master to leave the house with handcuffs and/or leg irons - because of the neighbours. It is absolutely improbable that someone sees me, but...

Had I forgotten about this rule? I think No! Probably I have done this with intention, in order to show again my disobedient nature - and I was very successful! My master has sawn me - of course - and expected me already at our terrace door. He only shaked his head.

"You probably never learn it, Sabrina, to follow my instructions?"

"But I wanted only to ..."

He had left however in the meantime and returned with my neoprene suit, which I'm always carrying in the dungeon. He gave it to me without saying a word.

"Into the dungeon, master?"

He only nodded his head.

"How long?"

"You will hear about it just in time!"

I undressed me completely and slipped then into the suit. Over the footlets I put on my red Converse sneakers. Somehow I had some funny feeling with this whole thing. Have I really done it, in order to come again into the "pleasure" of the dungeon, or not, or... ? What's done is done and I had to play along willy-nilly. Perhaps it will pass off without serious consequences for me!

In the meantime my Master had brought the heavy iron harness. The thought that this heap of metal will "grace" within a short time again my body, was for me exciting and depressing at the same time. I didn't have however much time to think about this, because my Master had laid out the irons in such a way that I could "enter". Before he locked the back zipper of my suit and adjusted my neopren hood somewhat. Then he pointed unambiguous to the irons.

I put first my feets into the two closed thigh bands on the floor. Then my Master raised the iron harness up, so he could finally put the heavy waist band of the chastity belt around my hip. He locked the iron band with two screws. I must admit, it was again a very exciting feeling to feel this heavy steel ring around the waist. Then he got the shield of the chastity belt from the rear between my legs forward, pulled it somewhat upward, put the locking sleeve of the shield over the bolted flange of the waist tape and secured it with a padlock. My iron pants were completed. Still somewhat disbelievingly I touched the shield, which blocked now tight and unalterable my dearest area.

I had however no time to occupy myself excessively with the chastity belt because my master put already to my breasts both metal bowls of my "metal bra". He snaped shut the steel band on my back. I still adjusted the two bowls somewhat, then I felt already, he bolted the band on my back. The two metal bowls keep by the way my chests not only good in position, but they prevent - unfortunately - also very reliably sexual stimulation by myself by touching my nipples.

I was still to accustom me to the relatively heavy part on my breast when I got already the steel handcuffs delayed. I had to put my first of wrists into the opened clamp of the hand iron. My master snaped shut the clamp to and bolted it. Then I "was allowed" to put the other hand into the second clamp, which was bolted in the same manner. It is always uncanny for me, if I feel these heavy steel clamps around my wrists and to know that I can't slip off them. Now I could also "enjoy" again these nice, 40 cm (16") long spreader bar. My hands are always held by this spreader bar in the same distance, and I can't even touch more my fingertips.

Next I got the two clips around the upper arms put and bolt. These two clamps are fastened in fact with two chains to the metal bra, but not real restricting. I can't reach them however with my hands (because of the spreader bar between the hand iron) and this can be sometimes some disturbing and frustrating.

Then already the "Spanish trapezoid" followed. This construction is extremely effective, in order to make walking agony for poor chain convicts such as Sabrina. It's a very bad walking with them - at least so long I'm not accustomed to it. It is also a rather strange feeling, if I can't bring my legs together any longer and must walk arround constantly in this spread posture. The four clamps of the "Spanish trapezoid" were rapidly put on to my legs were also carefully bolted.

Finally still the "crowning" termination came: My headgear! I shrinked back somewhat unconsciously, when my Master wanted to put it to me. But in the next moment it was already put over my head. I felt when my Master snaped shut and bolted first the neck iron and then the cheek band.

I was put practically firmly in my irons. My master had only to fasten some of the connecting chains by means of chain shackles onto the appropriate eyes of the clamps.

I had noticed - of course - that my Master hasn't shifted locking sleeves over the bolted clamp flanges and locked them with padlocks. I suspected therefore something, nevertheless I asked with sorrowful and innocence expression: "No locking sleeves?"

"We finish that down in the cellar! Come, into the dungeon!"

Now I was aware that the locking sleeves will be riveted and I had to face a longer stay in the dungeon. Thus I went clumsily and with timidity to the cellar issue. While descending down to the cellar my master supported me, so I couldn't stumple. Down the cellar he locked the dungeon door up and we went in.

What a feeling to be again in the dungeon after three weeks! Actually I wanted it, but the thought to have to spend here now again a long time nevertheless let me hesitate nevertheless some. In this moment I would have cancelled probably everything, but my Master didn't give me a chance. By gentle force he shifted me through the lattice door from the anteroom into the real dungeon. I had to place myself at the rear side with my face to the wall, while he fastened me the two wall chains to the back of the neck iron and of the waist tape. I noticed immediately the tension of the relatively heavy chains and I knew that I was now chained to the wall!

He took then the first locking sleeve without any words, shifted it over the first clamp flange and got a rivet.

I regarded it requiring. "So for longer time after all? "

"Sure! But you have already assumed so, or? "

I nodded my head - so far it's possible with the headgear put on.

Then I had to put the individual clips in such a way on an appropriate counterpart that he could rivet the rivet also a few short hammer blows. In the end I got still the iron ball attached at my Spanish trapezoid.

It was something after 2 p.m. and Sabrina was again as a chain convict in the dungeon, put in irons and firmly chained to the wall.

When my master went out, I asked again: "How long?"

"You can imagine, or? You were condemned to a dungeon punishment as a chain convict for life. Then I released you on parole, but you didn't use this chance. Now you must serve the remainder of the punishment!"

He went out and Sabrina is now sitting again in the dungeon.

Still another note! All Mails from me are from now again routed first over my Master's PC. The same goes for your Mails to me comming in. Therefore it could take some time until I can answer to a Mail.

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