Sabrina's 105 days in the dungeon!

How did it come that I was imprisoned 105 days in the dungeon - put in iron and firmly chained?

I was with my master 3 weeks in Southern France in vacation - without any irons! I must probably have flirted too intensively - for my masters feeling - and have made others exhibitions of myself. Imyself didn't think very t much about this - perhaps I had also the intention to provoke him some.

It was Sunday, 5 October 1997 we came back here to our house. Afterward we drove to Munich, walked to the Isar (it's the nice river running through Munich) and we were again here at about 9 p.m. And then I was taken by my Master with surprise! My master said, we could play some in the dungeon after the long time "without irons"! So I put my "dungeon suit" on - it's a suit made from 3 mm neoprene. We modified in for this use a normal surfing suit (with back entrance) something in the crotch, so I can perform this very important functions of "emptying" also with my suit put on. We hit on the idea with the surfing suit, because it isolates very well and exhausts the humidity, which isn't insignificant with dungeon stays for longer times. A further advantage (or disadvantage for me?) is that the clamps of my iron harness is on tightly by the thicker neoprene layer. At least I can't rotate or shift the clamps, nevertheless the blood circulation is not impaired.

When I was in the suit, my Master put me in my heavy iron harness. After three weeks without any irons a quite wonderful feeling - for the moment. The clamps were screwed together firmly by my master, but he didn't lock them - like otherwise - with the locking sleeves and then locked with a padlock. I noticed this, but I meant no harm in it. I thought he wanted to save the work, because it should be only for a short "play".

We went then into the dungeon and I was chained to the wall with the two long chains, fastened to the back of my neck iron and of my iron waist band. Then we had a very intensive "little game". He locked again the shield of my chastity belt and...

... then came the bang! He presented to me a prepared paper with my "judgement":

"The slave Sabrina is condemned hereby because of repeated disobedience opposite her Master to a punishment in the dungeon as a chain convict for life. For the execution of the punishment the following is determined: "

I swallowed first and didn't believe that I have read just in the moment. But I recognized my Master takes it serious when he started to lock my irons "permanently". He shifted the locking sleeves over the screwed clamp flanges and - secured them by means of rivets. I became conscious that there will be probably not only a dungeon detention of a few days. Even the chains, I was chained to the wall, my Master replaced the padlocks by chain shackles. After screwing on the chain shackles, he separated the screw head. I was firmly forged in iron and chained!

I tried to stop my Master of doing it and moaned terribly, but it was in vain. He put only the gag in my mouth and left me in the dungeon. I stared totally speechless at my forged irons. I was prepared for anything but not this!

The first days were bad. The iron were totally unfamiliar, I could only badly sleep within my iron harness, I could only clumsily move (he had also fixed the iron ball to the spreader bar of my leg irons)...

I knew of course from preceding dungeon stays that I get accustomed to the iron relatively rapidly, but there I knew also that it was for limited time. The longest time which I had spent in the dungeon in iron up to this day was 38 days! And now "for life". I not believed that I must languish for the remainder of my life here in the dungeon, but... I hoped it probably only, because I wasn't absolutely safe!

The behavior of my masters was also so that I had to assume that I have to stay permanently as a "chain convict for life" locked in the dungeon, put in iron and chained to the wall. I had not despaired, but I was often quite frustrated. Otherwise I had gotten probably thereby for which I had always longed by myself (unconsciously): To be incarerated for indefinite time.

After approximately one week I had again gotten accustomed fully to my iron. I had adapted my movements to that, the irons permitted. That was not much, but I got along well with it. My heavy iron harness is in this relationship a very diabolical equipment! It permits me even as much freedom of movement, as it is absolutely necessary for a longer dungeon stay, but no little more. I could not weight about it however, because I is mostly designed by myself.

After approximately 2 to 3 weeks I had resigned myself physically and also mentally to my situation. I felt the thought to a dungeon punishment for life as somewhat absolutely singular and terribly exciting. It was sudden for me like the fulfilment of a dream, a total, internal longing. My iron were for me no punishment, it were for me a reward and an honor at one time. If I walked around in my dungeon, the rattling of the chains and the clatter of the iron ball sounded to me like a pleasant melody.

In my Master's "judgement" had been determined that I am locked up each Friday for full 24 hours (!) in the puppy cage. Even this additional disciplining measure constituted me after some time nothing more. This complete day in the cage, without any possibilities of diverson gave sufficient time for thinking and reflecting, which I had so far perhaps only insufficiently. For the puppy cage I diapers were put to me, because the restroom was out of reach.

I felt with increasing term more and more better in my dungeon. I had in fact often the desire to be never released from my chains and the dungeon. At Christmas I got however some sentimental feelings, because I had also to stay in the dungeon. This is possible, because I have no relatives, so my absence wasn't noticed by any person.

My "release on parole" on Saturday, 17 January 1998 therefore came very surprisingly for. I didn't know whether I should be sad or lucky. But "release on parole" means also that I come again into the dungeon, if I'm not a good and obediently girl! Times sees, what makes the bad Sabrina! I do not repent anyhow my long dungeon punishment. It was a great experience and I has now also no fear to move again once for very long time into the dungeon - in the opposite!

All this and the eMail contact to the dear Max had gotten me to create this homepage in order to participate also others at mine / our unusual life-style!

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